2020 Predictions: Everything As Code


Status Go Podcast: Episode 1

“Of all of the leaders out there in all of our industries a full 85% don’t get beyond the self authoring stage.” – Ron West

Episode 44:

2020 Predictions: Everything As Code

In week one of our 2020 Predictions Series, Derek Brost, InterVision’s Director of Professional Services – Security and Compliance, joins Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, to discuss the push toward “Everything As Code.”  Jeff and Derek dive into the why behind this transformation in the technology community and how embracing this idea is shaping IT teams, whether that be from a workflow standpoint, a shift in the talent acquisition process or even the overall culture. While this shift brings about a distinct learning curve, an advantage Derek points out, is that “this is another way to break that wall down between developer groups and operations groups.”

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:25 Software is eating the world (2011 WSJ article)

3:38 What’s behind the push to code

5:35 Bringing together the Operations and Developer teams

9:28  Are we moving from IT Specialists to IT Generalists?

11:56 The Impact on IT Leaders

0:15 Talent acquisition

18:50 Leading through change

22:23 Functional programming

24:38 Security as a fundamental piece of the framework

29:29 How to prepare

Derek Brost, InterVision’s Director of Professional Services – Security and Compliance,  is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with a 23 year background in IS/IT operations, architecture, and information security.  Derek’s specialties include: information security, risk assessment, risk management, risk mitigation, security analysis, investigation, intrusion detection, computer forensics, audit, compliance, HIPAA, technology architecture, management, technology budget, IT strategy, and R&D.


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