Challenges in Unifying Communications: Survey Insights

InterVision and Pulse recently conducted a survey of technology decision-makers from 100 companies to gain insight into the communication services they are currently using or planning to implement. The survey included a variety of IT decision makers from C-suite to managers in businesses between 200 and 5000 employees.

The survey looked at how much time and money the companies invest in managing their services. It also included questions designed to understand the challenges and pain points leaders are experiencing.

The overall results of the survey can be found here. In this article, let’s dig deeper into the data for additional insights.

Time and Budget

The survey gathered data on how much time and money IT departments typically spend managing their various communication tools. More than two-thirds (67%) of respondents said their teams spend between 6-20 hours per week managing their solutions. Additionally, 59% also felt they are spending the “right amount” of time.

As for budgetary spending, a majority (58%) of respondents reported spending between 11 and 30% of their total IT budget on various communication solutions. Less than a quarter of the group claimed to invest more than 30%.

Overpaying for solutions

However, the survey also found that just over half (52%) of the respondents believed they were paying too much for an existing voice solution that was not “right-sized” for their organization.

This seemed to be confirmed by the budgetary data. A full 40% of this sub-group reported spending between 31 and 40% of their IT budget on their communication solutions.

A closer look at this group revealed that 38% of them currently utilize a cloud-based voice solution and 52% use a hybrid platform. This is an inversion from the numbers for the total group, where 45% use a cloud-based solution and 38% a hybrid.

And yet, despite the belief that they are paying too much for an inadequate solution, this subset of respondents are even less likely than the overall group to make any changes to their voice solution over the next 12 months.

Growing popularity of integrated contact centers

Another interesting trend is the growth of integrated contact centers. While only 31% of the businesses surveyed currently utilize a call or contact center solution, another 27% are planning to open one in the next year. This could nearly double the numbers in short order.

However, nearly half of this group reported their biggest challenge with their current contact center solution was that their third-party providers were not meeting expectations. Other major challenges focused on budgetary issues and the pace at which their current on-premises infrastructure is becoming obsolete.

Respondents also indicated their main priority when choosing a contact center solution is the quality of customer experience. They are looking for two things: ease of use and high client satisfaction. Currently, Amazon Connect (ConnectIV CX™) and Cisco Webex are the most popular platforms.

Charting a course

Making a major technology upgrade or migration can seem like a complex and intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be.

If your current communication tools are not meeting your business needs, InterVision can help you find the right solution. Migrating to a UCaaS or CCaaS platform could save you money, simplify your monthly bills, and free up your IT team to focus on more pressing tasks. InterVision has been solving IT problems for more than 25 years. Visit our website or call 844-622-5710 for more information.


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