What is a UCaaS application?

UCaaS applications are necessary if businesses want to successfully adapt to the fast-evolving modern communications atmosphere. Businesses need solutions that will bring their teams together efficiently and effectively. Read on to discover more about UCaaS applications and how they can benefit your business.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS is the abbreviated term for Unified Communications as a Service. The communications aspect of UCaaS platforms encompasses many modules used to communicate within a business environment. These modules can include phone calls, video calls, instant messaging, and more. UCaaS companies offer these technologies as a service where users subscribe and pay a monthly fee with access to full customer support and training on how to properly implement these applications into their daily workflow.

What are UCaaS platforms?

There are many UCaaS platforms out there, although not all UCaaS applications are created equal. Some of the most well-made and popular UCaaS services include the Zoom app, 8×8 app, Microsoft app, and the RingCentral app. Each application we’ve listed here comes with its own benefits and features. At InterVision we offer a managed services model for Microsoft and 8×8’s UCaaS applications, which can reduce cost and simplify management and maintenance.

What are some examples of unified communications?

In any working environment, communication is key. Streamlining communication processes by implementing user-friendly UCaaS communications technologies will greatly improve upon existing communication strategies and reduce potential bottlenecks. Here are a few examples of unified communications features that are provided within various UCaaS platforms.

  • Making and receiving calls from a computer or mobile device.
  • Messaging features like text or chat, cloud faxing, and voicemail-to-email integration.
  • Accessing, forwarding, and saving voicemail messages.
  • Creating a master contact list.
  • Viewing call history and missed calls.
  • Viewing and editing answering rules.
  • Automating receptionist functions.
  • Transferring calls.

Why Use UCaaS?

The benefits of using a UCaaS application are manifold. UCaaS services provide affordable, flexible, and secure communications channels for small to large-scale business operations. Check out our list below where we highlight the most rewarding aspects of implementing UCaaS technologies.


UCaaS applications are designed to be easily implemented—therefore, the pricing for these solutions will not break the bank. The subscription-based model of UCaaS applications enables businesses to focus on a single price point with no hidden fees or additional installation costs.

Efficient Design

The single-system model of UCaaS applications seamlessly integrates all communication channels into a single interface. By eliminating the need to bounce back and forth from different communication applications, UCaaS services make it infinitely more manageable for users to access all necessary information quickly and accurately. This, in turn, dramatically improves the customer experience.


UCaaS systems are designed so that any employee can easily download and use the application from virtually anywhere. Since UCaaS systems are cloud-based, all users need is a good internet connection, and they are ready to go. This is especially useful when employees are transitioning back and forth from a remote to in-person working experience, or when they are using multiple devices. Consistency is never a worry when using UCaaS systems.


Additionally, since UCaaS applications are cloud-based, if updates or new features are added to the UCaaS system, those changes will be implemented automatically. This means IT support teams can focus on other aspects of their jobs. UCaaS developers are also conscious of their user’s workflows, which means all updates and maintenance are carefully planned and scheduled so as not to interfere with users’ business operations.

Security Measures

UCaaS applications are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures to protect user and customer data. These measures include fraud prevention, encryption, call security, and two-factor authentication systems. The UCaaS providers must meet rigorous compliance requirements that are regularly re-assessed and audited to ensure maximum security.


The best UCaaS providers equip their technologies with databases that house all critical communications information. If disaster strikes and an outage occurs, UCaaS systems are built to easily access and recover all information even amid a significant server crash or disruption.

Streamlined Collaboration

UCaaS applications offer users a multitude of digital communication and collaboration channels, making it easy for all team members to keep in touch and informed. In addition, all relevant messaging strategies and other communications data is housed in a single UCaaS application, making it easy for all users to access the information they need to eliminate miscommunication and improper messaging.

Transform Your Communication Strategies with InterVision

InterVision offers a variety of managed services that deliver the right technology to solve critical IT challenges. Our specialists work with UCaaS applications and offer full support to take the burden off of your in-house IT staff. Check out our website to learn more about our unified communications services.


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