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Cloud Computing – A Five Layer Model

Cloud Computing – A Five Layer Model

There is no greater disruptive force to the way organizations are powering their business today than cloud computing. Cloud computing itself is a business model, not a technology and it has upended the CIO agenda over the past decade.

In this article, we’ll explore the fundamentals of cloud – the layers. It’s important to note, that the discussion of cloud as a layered model has become antiquated. However, for those early in their learning process, it still offers value.

This article was first published in 2010 but has been updated in 2021. In 2010, the layers were:

  1. Cloud Application
  2. Cloud Software
  3. Cloud Infrastructure
  4. Kernel (software management)
  5. Hardware and Firmware

I’ll spare you the time of defining each of these because the most widely recognized layers today are:

Cloud Layer Computing

If you consider cloud as a business model and not a technology, you can see why the idea of the various layers create a complete way of doing business in as -as-a-Service, outsourced model. A cloud model allows businesses to be intentional about which aspects of their business they build, own, and manage and which aspects they offload to others as an operating expense because it’s not core to their strategy.

This is exactly why ‘Cloud First’ strategies have taken the CIO agenda by storm. With a Cloud First strategy, every net new purchase means the organization must answer “can this be done in the cloud?” before buying and building. The ideal state of leveraging each cloud computing layer to transition to this operating model means that internal talent is focused on innovation and growth where external talent and vendors are operating the systems and software required to run the business. The organization unleashes scale and agility that couldn’t otherwise be accessed.

This makes cloud computing sound like a silver bullet, but, it’s a strategy that’s difficult to execute especially if your organization wasn’t born in the cloud. If you’re struggling to define your cloud strategy or execute on it, InterVision can help. With 25 years in the datacenter business, we bridge the gap between legacy systems and your ideal cloud state.

InterVision is a certified APN Premier Consulting Partner with AWS and a Microsoft Gold partner. We’ve built some of the largest datacenters and networks in the Bay Area and beyond. Our Cloud Migration Lifecycle Assurance program provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to cloud migration, operation, and optimization.

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