CSO: Want IT resiliency? Stop the see-saw of imbalanced attention


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Want IT resiliency? Stop the see-saw of imbalanced attention

POST WRITTEN BY: JEFF TON, SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances

April 16, 2018

What keeps IT leaders up at night? The answer is almost unanimous: security threats. Companies spend upwards of 10% of their IT budgets on security, yet the poor CIO still cannot sleep at night. Spending too much trying to prevent a cyber threat to the detriment of your restorative measures can leave you feeling like the little kid whose older (and heavier) brother keeps your end of the see-saw from coming back down (not that that ever happened to me)!
As cyber threats to business continuity grow ever more prevalent among companies with sensitive data, business leadership and IT may have the gut reaction to focus additional attention on warding off these threats. However, this tendency to prevent, rather than to shore up restorative practices, is leading to a major imbalance in the marketplace when it comes to IT resiliency—something cybercriminals will continue to exploit. To achieve true data and operational resiliency, IT departments must, instead, take a holistic approach to managing and mitigating cyber threats. But what does this exactly look like?