Cutting Through the Hype: Are You Ready For 5G?

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Status Go Podcast: Episode 1

“Of all of the leaders out there in all of our industries a full 85% don’t get beyond the self authoring stage.” – Ron West

Episode 52: Cutting Through The Hype: Are You Ready For 5G?

The mission of Status Go was built around the excitement and opportunity advances in technology are affording us in both business and everyday life; arguably, 5G tops the list and 2020 is being called the year of 5G. In this episode, Bill Soards, President of AT&T, Indiana and a leading voice at the advent of 5G, shares with Jeff Ton just what this 5th generation of wireless networks is, and more importantly, what it is not.   Bill and Jeff also discuss what kind of impact 5G will have on businesses, gaming and our lives in general.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:13 Defining 5G

2:43 Types of 5G transmission

4:56 What is 5Ge?

6:08 What 5G brings to the end device

8:19 Impact on businesses

10:04 5G and the future of gaming

11:05 Potential and possibility

12:22 The intersection of tech and policy

14:23 Addressing concerns

18:30 Smart cities

21:01 The Indianapolis 5G Zone

23:27 Focus of the annual Hack-a-thon

27:06 Action items

Bill Soards, AT&T President, Indiana

Bill Soards was named President of AT&T Indiana in October 2013. Bill is responsible for external affairs for AT&T Indiana including; state and local government relations, community affairs, regulatory and legislative activities, and initiatives before the Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

In addition to his passion for technology, public service has always been a part of Bill’s life. His father, the late Bill Soards Sr., served 20 years in the Indiana General Assembly before retiring in 1994. The younger Soards was elected and served 9 years in local government as a member of the Indianapolis City-County Council and the Boone County Council.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Telecommunications from Butler University in Indianapolis. In 2004, the University honored Bill with both the 50 Under 50 Top Alumni Award and the Hilton U. Brown Alumni Achievement Award. Bill studied abroad at The University of Westminster in London, England, focusing on political science and playing on the school’s basketball team.

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