DRJ: Seven Cloud Migration Pitfalls


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Seven Cloud Migration Pitfalls


August 26, 2019

Many enterprises are attracted to the benefits cloud presents. A few obvious advantages include convenience, scalability, and flexibility, packed with the ability to modernize existing IT assets and prepare for future needs. However, getting to this place of improved speed and innovation in the cloud can be difficult since moving away from traditional, physical infrastructure is no easy task.

Businesses are taking various approaches to cloud migration. Some are diving in all at once, while others are moving very specific applications first and re-evaluating from there. With any migration, there are always one-time costs involved. There may even be resistance to change from users and internal decision-makers. These are just a couple roadblocks which may occur during the cloud migration process. What are others? Below are seven most common pitfalls in cloud migration.

1. Lack of a clearly defined cloud strategy

When it comes to cloud migration, often the most crucial assets within a business are the ones being migrated, which means there is no time for uncertainty or disorganization. A short and long-term plan is vitally important to the success of the project. When developing the cloud strategy plan, consider the following… read more