FORBES: Does Digital Transformation Cut Jobs?


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Does Digital Transformation Cut Jobs?

POST WRITTEN BY: JEFF TON, InterVision SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances

May 10, 2019

We hear about digital transformation (DX) a lot today in business and IT meetings, and it’s difficult to cut through the noise. How do people define it? What do they mean by “digital?” What scope of transformation are they talking about?

At InterVision, we like to define digital transformation as “the practice of transforming business with the use of digital technology.” This attention to digital systems over traditional ways of doing business may make employees and IT staff fearful for their jobs — and for good reason. Public conversations surrounding innovation always tend to center around disruption. We constantly hear about how artificial intelligence (AI) may be replacing positions in the hospitality industry. The emergence of driverless cars may put the logistics industry in a spiral. Robotics in manufacturing has long been a concern of assembly line workers.

Whether or not digital transformation will eliminate jobs is a question I get asked almost daily, and it’s difficult to answer. To some, the words “digital transformation” may be a series of one or more projects to implement some new technology, such as robotics for the manufacturing shop floor. In reality, if digital transformation is done correctly, the result is a new way of looking at your business model. In other words, it’s not about doing the same work faster; it’s about doing different work… read more