IaaS Essentials™ Test-Dev Hosting

Scalable, on-demand and cost effective hosting for complete flexibility
Immediate Deployment and Flexibility

IaaS Essentials™ is designed specifically for pre-production, transient workloads that are highly elastic. Because this type of workload is cost-sensitive, InterVision offers highly-competitive compute, storage and memory rates. With our pay-as-you-go-model, you can scale capacity to meet your needs while only paying for what is used.

Our entire team is more agile, and we can use the time we’re saving to develop new products, release new features and get to market faster. That helps us stay in front of the competition.
Designed with Economics in Mind

InterVision’s IaaS Essentials™ test and development hosting solution is built for teams who need fast deployment of public cloud resources with considerable day-to-day flexibility. In particular, this solution is scalable and enables teams to iterate quickly when building applications, performing functional testing and demonstrations and delivering proof-of-concept workloads.

Our VMware-based platform is designed to integrate wholly into a broader hybrid cloud strategy to allow your team to take a regimented approach to deploying cloud resources.

Competitive compute, storage and memory costs
Pay-as-you-go billing
Constant access and management of utilization, security and cost metrics
Advanced HA software-defined networking, load balancing and firewalls
Immediate access to self-service management tools and scalable resources
Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9%
Services and Tools to Ensure Your Cloud Strategy Succeeds
Project-managed onboarding and workload transition services
Expertly managed services – Backups, Antivirus, OS Patching, Monitoring and moreVisibility and control of your environment, as well as guaranteed reserved capacity for immediate use
24×7 Enterprise and Professional support levels with a frontline support team that is equivalent in expertise to Tier 3 support personnel
Resource flexibility with varying commitment levels to achieve budget requirements
Discover Common Use Cases
Secure Applications and Data

The hosted environment offers an isolated option for hosting your high-security, high-performance applications in a pay-as-you-go model, backed by the support of a dedicated team and its extensive catalogue of managed services.

Meet Audit and Compliance Requirements

Some compliance requirements (such as HIPAA) prescribe decommissioning processes and often that requires data destruction at the storage level. Private storage options allow the device to be decommissioned to meet audit needs.

Deliver High Performance Applications

Highly flexible storage and compute options confirm your private cloud environment meets the demands of even the most taxing applications.

Take the First Step to a Dedicated Hosting

Leveraging hosted infrastructure is an ideal way to become a more strategic and growth-oriented IT department. To get started and learn more, contact us today.