Serve patients and enable staff with improved technology
Accelerate the Care of Patients

Healthcare is essential to life in any society. The care of patients demands innovative thinking to keep operations running smoothly and effectively. To meet the challenges of the modern world, such as creating new diagnoses, cures, and therapies, IT departments at clinics, practices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities must embrace a technology ecosystem that both enables accessibility and efficiency while also remaining HIPAA compliant and secure. As a strategic service provider, InterVision can assist in the end-to-end technology needs of the healthcare industry, whether it be data analytics, connectivity or cloud computing.

We doubled our employee base, and the technology worked flawlessly. No performance issues, no service outages. Just a normal day. In the process, we earned huge kudos from our business colleagues.
Protect and Secure Information

InterVision has worked with nationwide healthcare providers to deploy EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems using a proven process that starts with an analysis of existing records and recording processes, and ends with a fully implemented, highly available and HIPAA-compliant system that reduces overhead, resources, and cost. We have provided IT design, implementation and support services to hospitals, clinics and medical learning institutions throughout the country as well as deployment, storage, and ongoing maintenance for complex medical imaging systems.


As a strategic service provider (SSP), InterVision is committed to helping you. Gartner has suggested IT departments take a “Run, Grow and Transform” approach toward strategizing projects and determining IT investments. We engage in a wide range of IT consulting services to achieve these outcomes:


Ensure Cybersecurity & Compliance
Build Resiliency
Control Costs


Ensure Smooth Migrations
Improve Performance
Establish Operational Efficiency
Enable Your Data


Migrate to Cloud
Perform Advanced Analytics
Leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With approximately 100 AWS- and Azure-certified team members and over 200 technical certifications, InterVision offers a deep bench of experts who have handled many complex IT and cloud projects. We will work with your team to assess your requirements and configure a solution that matches your goals.

Thank you for all of your quick thinking and action [in helping] us spin up additional server capacity. Truly appreciate the energy and urgency you and your teams brought to the situation. It’s what ‘great’ looks like in a partnership!
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