The Cloud Operating Model – A Paradigm Shift

Episode 90: The Cloud Operating Model – A Paradigm Shift

Companies are reprioritizing their cloud initiatives, many shifting toward multi-cloud architecture and away from more traditional infrastructure.  Our guest on this Partner Innovation Series podcast episode, Ray Ploski, Field CTO for HashiCorp, joins Jeff Ton to dive into this “massive paradigm shift” from a static to a dynamic world, where companies are expanding beyond the investment in their traditional data center into many other areas.  Jeff and Ray discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this shift as well as how to organize a successful transition from a people, process and technology standpoint.

For the past 25 years, Ray Ploski, Field CTO at HashiCorp, Inc., has been helping companies, governments, and other organizations around the world adopt open source technologies via changes in people, process, and tools.

Ray is accomplished in various open source communities, contributing to over a dozen open source projects as well as helping enterprises adopt those technologies.