IT Asset Management

InterVision’s VisionTrax
Take Control of Your IT Assets

VisionTrax is a SaaS-based platform that provides a comprehensive repository and view of your entire IT asset and contract environment. Proactively manage contracts across multiple suppliers and levels of service from a single pane of glass and alleviate the stress of managing IT assets and contract renewals. Layered with our dedicated Renewals team, rest assured that your inventory will be expertly maintained and accounted for throughout their entire lifecycle, ensuring SLA alignment and reduced costs.

InterVision’s VisionTrax asset management tool complements our internal processes by providing a high level of detail about our orders and a simple-to-use interface that organizes information into logical and well-defined groupings.
Reduce Administrative Cycles

The time spent maintaining IT asset and annuity inventories takes time away from core business activities. IT organizations must account for the decommission and disposal of aged assets that become dated or too inefficient to meet growing demands. Failure to account for the termination of ongoing licensing, maintenance, and subscrip­tion services often leave organizations exposed to wasteful spending within their shrinking IT budgets.

By providing clients with a centralized asset and annuity manage­ment platform, InterVision’s VisionTrax helps clients standardize and simplify the proactive management of their assets and costs associated with OEM annuity agreements. Clients can quickly identify instances where service-level agreements (SLAs) have become misaligned with the asset or service they are intended to support, or agreements that continue to exist beyond the disposition of their supported asset all together.

Benefits of the VisionTrax Solution
Financial Advantages
Financial Advantages
  • SLA tracking and reporting
  • Budget planning and renewal notification
  • Enhanced cost analysis
  • Asset information detailing warranty terms, EOSL, technical specifications, etc.
  • Evasion of costly last-minute contract renewals
  • Supports consolidation and co-termination of contracts
Operational Advantages
Operational Advantages
  • Single repository for all IT assets
  • Support for multiple manufacturers and suppliers
  • Single view across all OEMs and manufacturers
  • Customizable fields
  • User groups and role-based access
Time-Saving Advantages
Time-Saving Advantages
  • Access to data and the portal 24x7x365
  • Proactive change and open request notifications
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Locate all manufacturers’ information easily
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
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