Security Incident
& Event Management (SIEM)

Detect and respond to incidents with confidence
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Ideal for clients wanting a holistic view of their cybersecurity with improved event response, InterVision’s SIEM Manager is our robust approach to security incident and event management (SIEM). The service provides event collection, advanced event analytics and correlation real-time alerting, reporting, daily log reviews and prioritized security analysis.

Our clients hold us to the highest standards of information security, data privacy and business continuity. With [InterVision], there’s a real partnership that enables our success achieving that continuity, privacy and security. There’s listening that happens on both sides.
Gain a Holistic View of Your Cybersecurity Posture

With deep insights into your cybersecurity and compliance posture – all without the expense and complexity of doing it alone in-house – our SIEM Manager emphasizes reliability for your long-term business strategy.


Support available 24/7 via phone, email or web ticketing




Automated incident alerts and reports which contain daily log reviews and analyses

Fast Response

SLA-backed fast response from our Security Operations Center (SOC), staffed by certified security analysts

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Leverage Robust Documentation and Process

Client infrastructure log and event data is collected by a local log data collection appliance (virtual or physical) and then forwarded via a secure encrypted transit to the SIEM platform, which distills millions of events down to a manageable level of actionable alerts. Events from client systems are funneled through the rules engine to create incidents that are then enhanced with meaningful data and assigned a severity level. Based upon the severity level, incidents may result in a ticket and client notification. All incidents, regardless of severity level, are captured and available for review in our client portal.

Protect Your Business with InterVision

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