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No disaster recovery strategy is complete or reliable without thorough testing. For all Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) clients, InterVision is involved with the entire testing process, including full DR runbook iterations and network connectivity to allow application functionality. Unlike other providers, we guarantee 100% testing success for all our DRaaS clients.

It’s a great feeling to present our continuity plan to an executive board and hear their excitement at our documented success and the speed of our recovery capability. It’s great to have such a positive topic to share with the board each year, I look forward to that!
Establish Confidence with Regular Testing

All InterVision clients have access to unlimited self-testing. However, self-testing doesn’t always encompass what’s needed to properly evaluate a DR plan’s effectiveness: a second perspective.

InterVision’s disaster recovery testing goes multiple steps beyond competitors in offering two free tests per year where our team of DRaaS experts test in tangent with yours. You can choose between various testing types to meet their compliance or due diligence requirements.

Your primary contact will proactively help you stay on a twice-annual testing schedule, or a customized schedule, to meet your business needs.

DR Runbook Optimization
Network Connectivity Assurance
Network Connectivity for DNS Available
Allow for DNS Changes in Production
Recovery Health Assessment
Replication Monitoring
Pre/Post Test Planning Meetings
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Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

InterVision’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) eases the burden of managing a recovery solution and simplifies the failover and failback process for your team. No other DRaaS provider will work as tirelessly to deliver confidence that your recovery plan will work as expected—which is why we boast the industry’s highest client satisfaction scores.


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