2019 Technology Predictions


Status Go Podcast: Episode 8

“Security teams will need to automate their tools within public cloud providers.” – Paul Clement

Status Go Podcast: Episode 8

“Offshore oil platforms will become a model for modern IT.” – Michael Bushong

Episode 8: 2019 Technology Predictions

InterVision dubbed 2019 The Year of Effective Transformation in our Technology Predictions eBook.  In the eBook over 20 experts outline what changes and disruptions they believe this new year would hold.  Two of the contributing experts join Jeff Ton on this episode of Status Go to expand on their predictions and explain a little more about how they arrived at their conclusions.

Michael Bushong, VP of Enterprise Marketing at Juniper Networks, discusses the repatriation of cloud workloads, offshore oil rigs as a model for modern IT and the diminishing importance of specialized industry certifications.

Paul Clement, Director of Automation Services at InterVision, examines how technical debt  is inhibiting digital transformation and automating security within public cloud.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:26 Paul Clement: Background2:20 Measuring the impact of technical debt5:09 Automating security tools within public cloud6:30 Remediation7:58 Michael Bushong: Background12:15 Impact of herd mentality13:48 Offshore oil platforms as a model for modern IT17:22 Other compelling IT business models21:05 The decreasing importance of  industry certifications26:06 Mapping out a career in IT


Mike is Vice President of Enterprise Marketing at Juniper Networks. Mike spent 12 years at Juniper, in a previous tour of duty, running product management, strategy, and marketing for Junos Software. In that role, he was responsible for driving Juniper’s automation ambitions and incubating efforts across emerging technology spaces (notably SDN, NFV, virtualization, portable network OS, and DevOps).

After the first Juniper stint, Mike joined data center switching startup Plexxi as the head of marketing. In that role, he was named a top social media personality for SDN. Most recently, Mike was responsible for Brocade’s data center business as vice president of data center routing and switching, and then Brocade’s software business as vice president of product management, software networking.

Paul Clement, Director, Cloud & Automation Services at InterVision,  helps IT executives increase agility from their existing technology stacks by accelerating their team’s adoption of automation tools and processes.

Paul has been providing business forward IT solutions for over 18 years.  His true talent lies is in taking difficult technological concepts and breaking them down into consumable, logical bites; creating a complete solution for his client’s to achieve their business objectives (and beyond).

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