In this episode, we are highlighting the organization /dev/color where the overall mission is to empower Black software engineers to help one another grow into industry leaders.  Cynthia Billops, Director of Programs, sits down with Jeff Ton to give us the history of /dev/color, their unique model of peer to peer networking and the pillars in which the organization was built upon.  The foundation of the group boils down to the simple, yet so powerful idea of helping one another, leaning on each other for support.  Cynthia walks through the isolation under-represented groups often feel, describing, “the  sense of otherness that takes away from you as an individual.” Our organizations and teams will only reach optimal strength when everyone feels seen and supported; Cynthia gives us a window into how /dev/color is accomplishing this for Black software engineers.  If you or someone you know would benefit from the support, networking and passion for helping each other /dev/color provides, they are accepting applications through 10.06.20!  Visit: www.devcolor.org/astar

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:57 The history of /dev/color

6:48 The Peer to Peer model

8:18 The “work from home” impact

11:07 The financial model

14:17 The pillars of /dev/color

19:06 The struggle with guilt and expectations

22:30 The intersection of being Female and Black and an Engineer

26:17 Letter from the /dev/color CEO

33:00 The value of connection

38:24 Action items

42:25 Hiring practices