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DRaaS to AWS: Royal Technologies Gets Out of the Datacenter


DRaaS to AWS: Royal Technologies Gets Out of the Datacenter

About the Company

Royal Technologies is an advanced engineering and manufacturing company serving diverse industries, including furniture, automotive, firearm, appliance, and consumer product markets. They have been an InterVision client since 2014.

The Vision and Challenge

InterVision’s Client Success Team met with Royal Technologies in early 2019 to sync on their organization’s long-term plans and our recent acquisition of Infiniti, a cloud services company. At this meeting, they expressed interest in moving workloads to the cloud. Internally, they had been interested in the cloud because of the benefits it could offer their business in the long term. To achieve these benefits, first, they needed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Get out of the datacenter business
  • Move all product/hosting capabilities to the cloud in the next 3-5 years
  • Start to realize cost savings of the cloud

The organization already had a strong Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution from InterVision using Zerto replication, and they trusted us to deliver on their business continuity objectives. We had an established relationship that their team wanted to maintain, and our immediate expansion of cloud capabilities by acquiring Infiniti meant they could finally leverage a trusted vendor for their cloud objectives.

Royal engaged us for a cloud assessment and discussed the benefits of targeting their existing DRaaS solution to AWS using Zerto replication as the first step toward a full cloud migration. They agreed to a proof of concept, which included getting them replicated to an AWS environment (and successfully running in AWS for one week+), followed by a DR test to validate our efforts. They were especially pleased with the results and chose to transition their entire DR solution to AWS.

The Outcome

InterVision replicated Royal’s applications to the AWS cloud and tested their DRaaS capabilities in coordination with their IT team. The test was not only successful in verifying the effectiveness of their Zerto replication; the staff realized through this test just how many native tools they could leverage in the AWS cloud to assist in their continued operations during a disaster event. Performing the DR test during the COVID-19 crisis, the importance of business continuity was top of mind for their IT team.

Due to the pandemic, Royal was experiencing a dramatic decrease in sales which increased pressure for cost savings. By working together virtually due to travel restrictions, InterVision and Royal were able to set up and test the new solution, powered by AWS and Zerto. Eventually, Royal realized savings of nearly 70% over what they were paying for DRaaS services the previous year without losing any of the high-touch service they expected from InterVision. This was an enormous win financially and strategically as it provided a concrete business case for leveraging public cloud resources.

Watch & Listen >> Royal Technologies Director of IT, French Williams, in his own words during InterVision’s Cloud Strategy Summit 2021

“InterVision has deep expertise in both DRaaS and the AWS cloud. Their ability to think long-term while also solving for immediate challenges has given us confidence in a stellar solution. Targeting our disaster recovery to AWS gives us increased flexibility and scalability for the future. We’re thrilled with the result.” 

—French Williams, Director of IT at Royal Technologies