Navigate threats
strategically with
a dedicated vCISO

Elevate your security posture with our vCISO, a dedicated ally in safeguarding your digital landscape.

Experience makes the difference

There are no shortcuts to cybersecurity leadership. If you have a problem or a key business initiative, odds are, our vCISO’s have seen it—and addressed it—before.


Our vCISO team is trained with industry-leading certifications ISC2, ISACA, and GIAC and understands how to proactively advise organizations.


Our vCISO team members have years of experience in Information Technology and Security, having spent time in the field and seeing the consequences of attacks.

Incident responders

Our team works with legal, insurance, and law enforcement organizations, SecOps, and digital forensics experts, aiding organizations impacted by attacks.

How to meet security threats head-on

In the words of Ben Franklin, “If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” The more prepared your organization is to defend against a cybersecurity attack, the less havoc on your business. What a vCISO can help your business with:

  • Map your current security landscape pinpointing specific strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Evaluate your security posture against industry benchmarks.
  • Assess risk to evaluate threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Increase compliance to prepare you for due diligence and audit requests.

A steady hand to guide your cybersecurity program

Communication and planning around key strategic business initiatives often require a coordinated cybersecurity risk assessment, extensive threat and vulnerability evaluation, and a comprehensive step-by-step action plan. We deliver a cost-effective personalized response package and can support:


Disaster recovery

005-phone call

Incident response


Mergers and acquisitions


Compliance and regulatory requirements


Vendor due diligence


Vulnerability management


Infrastructure management


Security awareness and training


Policy and procedure maturity

4 steps to building or optimizing an effective cybersecurity program

Too many consultants parachute in, then deliver a standard report (and a big bill). That’s not what we’re about. Your vCISO will:

Step 1
Help you understand the current state of cybersecurity, including trends in attack types and targets.

Step 2
Gather extensive information on your people, processes, and technologies.

Step 3
Develop and oversee the execution of your detailed security action plan.

Step 4
Offer ongoing support, including periodic security posture evaluation and remediation.

84% of attackers gain access through web or mail servers

Security threats are escalating. How will you fight back?

With the surge in security threats, you need a robust defense strategy. 42% of breaches involve stolen or misused credentials, yet find inspiration in the success stories of 57% of businesses who successfully reclaimed their data—your resilience begins with informed action.

Benefit from a comprehensive approach with maximum protection and minimum disruption.

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