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InterVision® provides IT services and solutions that help federal, state, and local governments leverage the latest technologies to improve efficiencies and create citizen-centric government services.

95% new IT investments by agencies will be “as a service” solutions

A new era in government services

From automated services to smart cities, forward-thinking city, state, and local government leaders are leveraging technology to drive efficiencies, cut costs, and improve the quality of life for the people they serve.

Modernize your IT:

Eighty percent of government agencies said outdated systems made it at least somewhat difficult to provide a better citizen experience. InterVision can help you cost- effectively and quickly scale up your infrastructure, modernize your applications, and migrate workloads safely and securely to a private or public cloud.


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Private Cloud
AWS Digital Workplaces

Control Costs:

Technology can help government offices and agencies deliver superior services to their citizens, but budgets are still finite. Our IT assessments and managed services can help you demonstrate good stewardship of taxpayer dollars by keeping spending in check and ensuring you get the most from your investment of public funds.


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Network Design
Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Migration Services

Improve Responsiveness:

Latency and poor connectivity slow productivity and destroy your ability to provide superior, citizen-centric services. Our low-latency infrastructure can help you deliver fast, responsive services on both web and mobile platforms.


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Well-Architected Framework Review
Cloud Consulting

Build Institutional Resilience:

In an emergency, the public turns to government agencies and offices for answers. You can’t afford to be offline. With our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery portfolio of services, we can help you implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy that decreases unplanned downtime, speeds recovery, and lowers data loss.


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Ransomware Protection as a Service® (RPaaS®)
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Consulting

Strengthen System Security:

Government offices at the federal, state, and local levels are a prime target for cybercriminals, from hacktivists to profiteers to state actors. We can help you build a comprehensive security perimeter around your IT systems and data and provide managed services to fill in any staffing gaps in your IT security defenses.


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Security Services
Ransomware Protection as a Service (RPaaS)
Identity and Access Management

Secure and compliant

InterVision’s Managed Security and Compliance Services can help ensure your infrastructure and applications are secure and compliant with a wide range of federal, state, and local government regulations and standards.




Protect your office against ransomware

Government offices, especially municipalities and utilities, are prime targets for ransomware attacks. From prevention to recovery, our Ransomware Protection as a Service solution helps prevent ransomware from having a devastating impact on your ability to serve the public.

  • 10% of security breaches involved ransomware in 2021
  • 62% YOY increase in ransomware attacks reported to the FBI Jan – July 2021
  • 14 of 16 U.S. critical infrastructure sectors his with ransomware in 2021


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