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An AWS Well-Architected Framework Review helps you understand the state of your workloads when compared to operational excellence.

The six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

Operational Excellence



Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization


What is the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review?

An AWS Well-Architected Framework Review helps you understand the state of your workloads when compared to operational excellence.

Building and operating workloads in the cloud is akin to constructing a physical building. If the foundation of a building is not solid, the way it functions is compromised, often causing operating costs to soar.

The same applies to workloads in the cloud. A well-architected framework review drives better outcomes.

Reduce technical debt

We’re not just good at cloud architecture—we also deliver immediate value because our experts study every aspect of a cloud deployment. Tech debt is drastically reduced, workloads are offloaded to efficient, cost-effective services, and remediation paths are identified

$5K Remediation Credit

You may be entitled to as much as $5,000 in remediation credits (2022 guidelines; stipulations apply).

Savings Opportunities

Learn about cost-saving choices, including managed services and IaaS offloads to AWS.

Maximum Value

We map out the smallest eligible workload, for the biggest bang for your buck.

Better outcomes for every cloud

InterVision’s cloud experts conduct extensive stakeholder interviews and analyze every aspect of a deployment to slash tech debt, offload workloads for efficiency and cost savings, and identify remediation paths. We then use the results to lay out a remediation plan and determine the best resources for each workload.

  • Identify immediate savings. Pinpoint cost-effective, cloud-native technologies with an architecture review.
  • Increase security. Discover cloud security gaps and determine how to close them.
  • Boost reliability. Find opportunities to maximize reliability with highly available architectures or disaster recovery solutions.

Get a detailed workload report

Our careful analysis of your cloud environment is focused on identifying and removing the barriers that keep you from reaping all the benefits of the cloud. You get a customized, detailed report that:

  • Lays out multiple paths for aligning workloads and accelerating cloud maturity.
  • Uncovers opportunities to increase security, improve operational reliability, and cut costs.
  • Customizes and integrates our findings, prioritizing your most urgent projects and remediation needs.

27% average reduction in overall spend per user

“We needed a comprehensive review of our AWS environment but lacked the resources to complete it. We turned to InterVision for help. They recommended a well-architected framework review. We were able to lean on them for feedback and expert guidance on identifying and correcting the gaps in our environment.”

Vice President of Product, Fahd Shaaban

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