Penetration Testing as a Service

Go offensive

Ensure your peace of mind by proactively preventing breaches with our cutting-edge threat assessment platform.

Uncover real-time risks and prioritize remediation with RedSpy365, leaving traditional penetration tests behind.

Find vulnerabilities

Identify root causes and gaps in regulatory compliance.

Fix liabilities

Recognize containment delays and prioritize solutions.

Understand impact

Grasp the financial and business continuity impact.

Why should you do continuous penetration testing? Watch our Explainer video.

How PTaaS works

Our solution redefines pen testing with continuous live air-gapped testing plus advanced automation, best-of-breed tooling, and expert human analysts.

Continuous testing delivers ongoing value

As a security service, PTaaS replaces one-time tests that provide you with a snapshot of your environmental risks and converts it into a streaming video, delivering you continuous value.

  • Enhanced risk management and business continuity.
  • Customer and partner protection, safeguarding brand reputation.
  • Prevent financial losses and improve ROI from security investments.
  • Ensure security in a work-from-anywhere world while enhancing compliance.

See RedSpy365 in action

Find out how RedSpy365 delivers actionable insights that improve your security ROI. We’ll walk you through how RedSpy365 works and answer questions specific to your most pressing security concerns.

Features we’ll cover:

  • Interactive dashboard
  • On-demand reporting
  • The Orchestrator
  • Ecosystem of 200+ tools

You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily create sophisticated attack models.
  • Digest institutional knowledge to understand business risk
  • Obtain auditor-ready reporting
  • Navigate the ecosystem and how it differs from a platform


How a leading financial institution saved over $1 million in damages with RedSpy365

A leading financial institution deployed RedSpy365 into its environment, including a live threat feed.

The following actions were triggered by RedSpy365:

  1. An analyst noted bad actors targeting VMware vSphere products seeking a weaponized exploit.
  2. The analyst quickly built a threat scenario that mimicked the live-feed attack.
  3. After running the test, the institution was found to be vulnerable to exploitation.
  4. RedSpy365 triggered an immediate alert to the institution about the threat with the required changes to avert damage and loss.
  5. The RedSpy365 bots, configured with the asset inventory, generated an estimated potential economic loss of over $1 million.

63% of organizations biggest challenge is hiring qualified staff

“Redspy365 allows my team to have a non-coordinated adversary that really acts like a red team in red on blue exercises. Their creative approach, trend analysis, research, and development push us to constantly evolve and improve our security posture. In addition to allowing us to focus on our core skills of protecting and defending, their communication is top notch and personal attention is above all others that we have assessed. We are very grateful to have Redspy365 to fill a critical piece in our overall Cybersecurity puzzle.”

Chief Technology Officer, Jeffrey Potter, CISSP
Davenport & Company LLC

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