Status Go: Ep. 201 – From the Other Side of the Desk

On this episode, host Jeff Ton takes on a challenge from a listener to keep things fresh and provide new perspectives. And that’s exactly what he does by exploring the state of technology from the other side of the desk – the perspective of a sales professional.

Joining Jeff on the show is Saam Fouladgar, Area Director of Sales for InterVision out of Santa Monica. Saam is a client-focused sales professional who always has his clients’ best interests in mind. He shares his insights on what he’s seeing with his customers, including the impact of spy balloons, PTaaS, cyber-socializing, and politics.

Saam and Jeff also delve into important topics like security, belt tightening, Fin Ops, AI, and startups that aren’t hiring IT professionals. They also discuss the importance of mutual trust between clients and sales professionals, and how it’s critical for building strong relationships that lead to success.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain a fresh perspective on technology and how sales professionals navigate the rapidly-changing landscape. So tune in to Status Go and discover a new side of the tech industry!

About Saam Fouladgar

Saam Fouladgar is a seasoned business leader with a remarkable professional background that includes world-class businesses in the hospitality, engineering services, politics, law, international banking, and strategy consulting industries. He started his career at a young age and has woven his diverse professional experiences into a deep, focused career as a technology solutions consultant.

Saam has been an integral part of InterVision, a distinguished Managed Services Provider (MSP), since 2007, beginning in business development and currently serving as an Area Director for the SoCal area since 2020. With a combination of business and IT strategy consulting, technology solution design, partner teaming, and strategic relationship management expertise, Saam helps his clients define and achieve successful Digital Transformation business outcomes. He has extensive experience in IT infrastructure and operations, software development, business process re-engineering, and financial engineering. He leverages his broad personal interests and growth mindset to offer unparalleled insights and pioneer creative solutions that drive innovation for his clients.

Saam lives in the Pacific Palisades of Westside LA with his wife and three-year-old daughter, whom he looks forward to teaching to ski and swim. He enjoys traveling, playing piano, and going to the beach in his free time.

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