Status Go: Ep. 202 – Attract and Retain Talent with SFIA

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving technological landscape and the skills needed to stay ahead of the curve? If so, then you won’t want to miss the latest episode of Status Go, hosted by Jeff Ton.

In this episode, Jeff is joined by Matthew Burrows, President of SkillsTX and a member of the SFIA Council, to discuss the skills needed in the information age. As technology continues to advance, the skills gap widens, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire for tech-related jobs. But how do we determine the competency of our employees and shift to skills-based hiring when there’s no consensus on what to call some of the roles, let alone what skills are needed for them?

Join Jeff and Matthew as they explore how organizations can use the SFIA Framework to assess the skills and competencies of their workforce and identify areas for improvement. They’ll walk you through a typical SFIA assessment process and show you how it’s used to inform training and development plans. They’ll also discuss how the SFIA Framework accounts for emerging technologies and evolving IT skill requirements, making it a powerful tool for future-proofing your organization.

Don’t miss this fascinating and informative episode of Status Go, available now on your favorite podcast platform.

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About Matthew Burrows

Matthew Burrows is a past President of the Institute of Service Management, contributor to service management and project management standards and publications, member of the SFIA Council and the Global Design Authority for SFIA. An internationally recognized thought leader, SFIA Accredit Consultant, Assessor and Trainer. Matthew works with companies and governments to improve Digital Skills Management maturity, and how to attract, develop and retain Digital, ICT, Cybersecurity and other technology focused professionals.

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