Ransomware Protection as a Service®

The ransomware problem is a business problem

Cyber risk is hands down the greatest threat to an organization’s data. Your organization is more likely to be impacted by a cyberattack than you are to win a coin toss.

organizations attacked
average days downtime
average cost of an attack

Protect your business with true RTO

Ransomware Protection as a Service® (RPaaS®) is the only comprehensive approach to ransomware on the market today that detects, protects, and recovers lost data, providing your organization with true recovery time objective.

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Security Operations Center as a Service

Stops attacks before they happen with 24x7x365 monitoring by a security specialist.

DRaaS and BaaS

Ransomware Recovery as a Service

Ensures rapid recovery from an attack with 24x7x365 available data backup and recovery.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Protects your business from attacks by developing processes and leveraging technology that reduces your risk.

A real-time customer attack recovered in 67-minutes

This real-time attack and recovery timeline below from one of our clients exemplifies how RPaaS broke recovery barriers and provided true RTO exceeding expectations.

  • 5:23AM


    Attack begins logging into multiple systems

  • 5:28AM


    SOCaaS team identifies incident and escalates to triage team

  • 5:35AM


    vCISO opens dialog with customer and possibly legal and insurance representatives

  • 5:48AM


    Triage Team contacts client with details and remediation recommendations

  • 6:13AM


    SOCaaS team contains infected server, disconnects from network

  • NOTE


    OPTIONAL capture of forensic data for analysis prior to recovery operations, dictated by legal counsel

  • 6:20AM


    Passwords reset and data recovery process launched

  • 6:30AM


    Infected data recovered from immutable repository at recovery point before incident – scanned and confirmed clean

  • Fortify


    Security posture reviewed with client and a recommendation is made to geofence firewalls and block PowerShell via GPO

  • Retarget


    Cyber-criminal targets next organization


Detect and Protect:

Attack identified within 5 minutes. Full report with remediation recommendations to client within 25 minutes.

Respond and Recover:

Compromise contained and 40TB file server restored in under 10 minutes after receiving client go ahead.

Advise and Adapt:

Client environment hardened against future attacks based on post-mortem findings.

Ransomware Protection


Answer 3 quick questions to better understand your level of protection and readiness. 


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Do you have a Security Expert that is responsible for your organization's security posture?

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Do you have a tested Disaster Recovery Strategy that includes immutable, air gapped, offsite data and recovery capabilities?

3 / 3

Do you have the ability to monitor your environment for active threats to protect, detect, and respond to a cyber-attack 24x7x365?

Thwart threats

What if you had an umbrella of protection against ransomware attacks that helps you? InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) is the industry’s go-to solution to detect, protect, and recover from an attack. From a recognized industry leader in resiliency solutions and backed by SLAs that guarantee support, you’re covered at the time you need it most.

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Protection & Detection with SOCaaS

InterVision’s expert SOC team monitors threat activity 24x7x365 to stop attacks before they happen. This experienced, dedicated team identifies and contains malicious activity by leveraging industry leading prevention and detection tools, including EDR and SIEM toolset.

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Ransomware Recovery as a Service

InterVision’s managed resiliency ensures recovery from any service disruption with recovery personnel available 24x7x365. We expand the standard approach of 3,2,1 backups to include air gapping, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and immutable backups.

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Strategic Support with vCISO

An InterVision® CISO leads your Business Risk Reduction program for RPaaS by helping your team analyze, advise, and develop important security roadmap plans to mitigate business technology risks. During a ransomware event declaration, this same person can help with your response strategy execution.

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Disaster Recovery Landing Zone

Should your primary datacenter become inaccessible for forensic evidence purposes, RPaaS includes a cloud-based Disaster Recovery Landing Zone to act as a secondary recovery datacenter in a scalable cloud solution.

The RPaaS process

The RPaaS process is a proven comprehensive approach that is backed by industry-leading SLAs that support your business requirements.

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Why choose InterVision’s RPaaS?

InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) is the industry’s first and only holistic approach to ransomware threats, focused on the entire lifecycle of detection, protection, and recovery.

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Most Comprehensive
Approach Available

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Backed by Industry
Leading SLAs

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Trusted Leader
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Ransomware puts your company in triple jeopardy

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