How to Keep your Organization’s Contact Center Operational in the Face of Disaster

By Neil Leyland, Chief Contact Center Strategist at InterVision Systems

Communications infrastructure, including contact centers and customer service support lines, are currently in jeopardy. Concerning increases in natural disasters, terrorist and cyber attacks have all contributed to extended outage periods and troubling restoration timelines.

According to IBM, the average organization takes 212 days to detect a breach and 75 days to contain it – meaning these organizations’ operations are interrupted for nearly one year after a successful attack. And as malicious attacks become more frequent, these statistics become even more concerning. Industry research suggests ransomware attacks almost doubled between H1 2022 and H1 2023.

Meanwhile, natural disasters are increasing – and these disruptions are only expected to become more dramatic with time. From record-breaking heat waves across Europe to raging wildfires in Canada, climate change is actively threatening critical infrastructure, and geopolitical events like the war in Ukraine have influenced the threat landscape significantly. In the long term, these forces will have serious consequences on an organization’s ability to interact with its clientele.


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