Data Modernization Services

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Expert assistance in NetApp ONTAP architectures for both large organizations expanding on-premises and in the cloud, and small businesses optimizing AWS FSx.

Unleashing data-driven decision-making solutions

By transforming customer data into actionable insights, we align business activities with strategy, predict outcomes, and leverage machine learning and AI for decision support.

Business analytics and data visualization

Modernizing your data fabric, we establish standardized ETL processes and scalable data engineering services for robust pipelines.

Predictive analytics, AI, and ML

Our dedicated teams of AI and ML experts are poised to apply these transformative technologies, propelling businesses forward.


We ensure comprehensive security measures by adhering to industry standards like NIST, ISO, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA. Additionally, we provide expert guidance on data retention and practical solutions for archiving and removing outdated data.

Data modernization is critical to business success

In today’s business landscape, data reigns supreme. Outdated technologies and fragmented data practices can hold businesses back. We understand the importance of leveraging data to achieve unprecedented success. See how our Data Modernization approach can lead the way to your data-driven future.

InterVision offers a wide range of Data Modernization Services which include:

  • Storage optimization
  • Data migration services
  • Cloud migration strategies
  • Application modernization
  • Business analytics, data visualization, discovery, and interpretation
  • Predictive analytics, AI, and ML
  • Data compliance

Achieving optimal storage is a delicate balance between storage optimization and data migration. NetApp ONTAP delivers unparalleled enterprise-class data services. Let’s partner to simplify your storage journey for seamless scalability.

Cloud Migration – NetApp ONTAP in AWS supports Storage Optimization

InterVision simplifies complex Data Migration to the Cloud for customers who have migrated some applications but still maintain complex on-prem workloads. Our Data Migration Services leverage NetApp ONTAP in AWS, integrating with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP—a native AWS managed service offering enterprise-class block and file storage.

With InterVision’s Data Modernization Services, AWS customers can extend the benefits of NetApp ONTAP’s cloud data services and broader portfolio. Our Storage Optimization specialists ensure customers can keep their high-intensity application components on-prem using NetApp’s all-flash storage, while migrating other application components and data to the cloud.

Enterprise class data services are the destination… and data migration is the journey

At the core of IV’s Data Modernization Services lies Enterprise Class Data Services, with a special focus on NetApp ONTAP. These services offer much more than storage, providing comprehensive data management capabilities that ensure:

  • Accessibility
  • Protection
  • Compliance
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring

Features include:

  • Data replication (snapMirror)
  • Snapshots (SnapVault)
  • Caching (FlexCache)
  • Cloning (FlexClone)

ONTAP is accessible and integrated, supporting multiple protocols (NFS, SMB, iSCSI) and compatible with various platforms. It ensures security and compliance through encryption, integration with antivirus software, Active Directory for authentication, and adherence to industry standards like ISO, PCI-DSS, SOC compliance, and HIPAA eligibility.

How InterVision implements enterprise-class data services with NetApp and AWS

For customers who are entirely on-prem InterVision has 30 years of experience implementing NetApp storage solutions. For customers who are entirely in the cloud, InterVision is an AWS premier partner with AWS’s migration competency and Storage competency.

InterVision’s partnership with NetApp and AWS helps customers push workloads anywhere easily and allows data consumption in real-time.

  • Consume NetApp ONTAP in AWS just like in an on-prem data center.
  • Deploy applications in minutes with true multi-protocol support.
  • Improve ransomware protection while maintaining compliance.

A proven team of data specialists

NetApp is a proven builder of enterprise class data services. InterVision is a proven delivery partner implementing NetApp solutions for hundreds of customers. With 30 years of NetApp experience and being a AWS Premier Partner with the Migration Competency InterVision is the most qualified Partner to accelerate data and application migrations to FSx for NetApp.​

FSx for NetApp ONTAP offers low-latency caching capabilities and integration with Vmware Cloud on AWS to reduce complexity and cost of hybrid deployments.

A proven migration process

Accelerate your cloud migration and modernization journey with InterVision. WE combine expertise in NetApp ONTAP and AWS to deliver outcomes that matter. Addressing security, cost, and data ownership concerns, we unlock the full potential of data in AWS FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Our comprehensive services include Application Modernization, Data Analytics, AI/ML, data warehousing, and more. Ensure data security and resilience with our ready-to-go solutions like RPaaS, DRaaS, SSE, and Penetration Testing. Experience seamless cloud management with our Managed Cloud Services. Choose InterVision for integrated, modern, and simplified solutions.

Experience the power with our No-Cost Proof of Concept (POC) Implementation of AWS FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Don’t miss our exclusive limited-time opportunity for a no-cost* proof of concept (POC) implementation. Our certified Solution Architect and Professional Services Engineer will guide and support qualifying organizations throughout their POC initiatives. Discover the strength of our partnership and seize this incredible chance to harness the true power of AWS FSx for NetApp ONTAP POC.

Comprehensive data compliance solutions

InterVision ensures customers meet legal, regulatory, and operational data requirements, safeguarding data privacy, integrity, and availability while preventing misuse. We adhere to industry standards such as NIST, ISO, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA.

In addition to following regulatory requirements, our security engineers implement cutting-edge data security technology, including firewalls, access control, encryption, data masking, hardware-based security, BaaS, DRaaS, and RPaaS. We provide guidance on data retention and offer practical solutions for archiving and data removal.

Knowledge is power

Our experts have compiled research and recommendations to help you better understand threats, protection, and solutions.

Benefit from a comprehensive approach with maximum protection and minimum disruption.

Discover how we can help you transform your business with innovative solutions and exceptional service.

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