Our Story

Here at InterVision®,
we believe
in possibilities

“We’re passionate about empowering our employees, partners, and customers to achieve their goals; to grow and thrive.”

– Jonathan Lerner, President & CEO

  • InterVision founded.

  • NetApp & Juniper partnerships established to strengthen our ability to deliver best of breed technologies.

  • Netelligent founded as a telephony and collaboration company.

  • Netelligent achieved Cisco Gold Partner status to deliver the best of Cisco collaborative technologies.

  • InterVision & Netelligent merge to join VAR & professional services with hosted & managed services to become InterVision.

  • Acquired Bluelock, a leading provider of Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Infiniti, an advanced cloud migration, cloud services and...

  • Acquired SeyVu to bolster ML/AI solutions and Fotis Networks to augment professional services in commercial and public sector.

  • InterVision achieves AWS Premier Services Partner status.

  • SyCom Technologies joins InterVision.

  • Virtuosity Consulting Group joins InterVision.

We’re off to great places

InterVision’s story is one of evolution and technical innovation. In 1993, we opened our doors by providing CAD solutions and consulting services, then moved into datacenter and corporate IT networking, computing, and storage. And, we’ve never looked back—only forward.

To attract loyal customers and ​empower team members ​inspired to solve complex challenges ​by leveraging innovative technology ​and collaboration.​

Who we are to our core

Our values are fundamental to who we are, what we do, and how we serve our customers. These are our guiding principles:

Focused on your success

We understand that your technology decisions have real business consequences, now and in the future. Our people-powered performance engine brings together the industry’s leading visionaries and cutting-edge technologies to help you meet your goals today and in the future.

Superior Customer Experience

Our business is built on relationships and an unwavering commitment to delivering a superior customer experience, without exception!


Deep Expertise

Built on decades of experience and unparalleled expertise, our wicked smart InterVisionaries collaborate with cutting-edge, industry-leading technology partners, leveraging their indomitable vision to re-imagine what’s possible and make it happen!

Igniting Opportunities

Solving complex technology challenges is in our DNA. Fueled by our fierce focus on your success and the courage to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we catapult your business into the future with innovative solutions that ensure you’re ready for what’s next.

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