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Our commitment to reducing emissions

We are dedicated to reducing its overall emissions through various initiatives:

Reduction in Power Consumption for our West Coast Offices

Remote Work Program

Our remote work program aims to reduce emissions by 25% annually, targeting:

  • Commute Reduction: Decreasing emissions tied to daily commutes.
  • Office Power Consumption: Reducing power usage through smart power and proximity electrical switching.
  • Plastic Use Reduction: Cutting down on single-use plastics and promoting recycling-friendly alternatives.

Reforestation Program

InterVision supports reforestation efforts through the National Forest Foundation Sapling Program. Our goals include:

  • Planted a minimum of 1,000 trees in 2023.
  • Increasing tree planting by 25% annually.
  • Encouraging team members to participate in planting trees to offset their carbon footprint.

Benefits of sustainability programs

Our commitment to sustainability is driven by our belief in positively impacting the environment and society. Here are some key benefits of our sustainability initiatives:

  • Energy Efficiency: Implementing energy-saving measures helps us reduce our energy consumption and minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Operational Efficiency: Sustainable practices lead to more efficient operations, allowing us to utilize resources more effectively.
  • Employee Well-being: A focus on sustainability fosters a healthier and more ethical work environment, contributing to higher employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Community Engagement: Our sustainability efforts strengthen our ties with the community, reflecting our dedication to social responsibility and creating a better world for future generations.

InterVision is committed to investing in sustainable and responsible business practices across our entire organization.

InterVision ESG Statement

Experience the impact of our sustainability initiatives, designed to foster environmental stewardship while enhancing operational efficiency.

Join us in creating a better world through innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to sustainability.

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