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InterVision® provides IT services and solutions that help institutions of higher learning leverage the latest technologies to meet their operational goals and create a superior learning experience.

15% CAGR forecasted for online learning and e-learning 2022–2025

Creating the educated workforce of tomorrow

Hybrid learning has become the norm on campuses across the country. Providing online learning opportunities on par with classroom learning requires academic institutions to be strategic yet innovative in their use of technology.

Modernize your IT:

Educators can’t meet the world’s changing educational needs with systems designed for a bygone era. We’ll help you modernize your IT infrastructure and applications for improved performance, a better user experience, and streamlined operations.


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Private Cloud
AWS Digital Workplaces

Control Costs:

Technology can help institutions of higher learning create a strategic competitive advantage, but costs still need to be contained. Our IT assessments and managed services can help you keep spending in check and get the most from your investments.


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Network Design
Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Migration Services

Reduce Latency:

Latency and poor connectivity destroy an institution’s ability to provide remote learning services. Our low-latency infrastructure can help you deliver a seamless experience to students, no matter where they live.


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Well-Architected Framework Review
Cloud Consulting

Build Institutional Resilience:

In higher-ed, downtime can be disastrous. We can help you develop a disaster recovery strategy that decreases unplanned downtime, speeds recovery, and lowers data loss.


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Ransomware Protection as a Service® (RPaaS®)
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Consulting

Protect IP and Strengthen System Security:

In addition to protecting student privacy and complying with industry regulations, institutions of higher learning often have intellectual property that needs to be protected. We can help you build a comprehensive strategy that covers all the bases.


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Security Services
Ransomware Protection as a Service (RPaaS)
Identity and Access Management

Increase IT Responsiveness:

In a recent survey of educational institutions, 65% said their IT response times had slowed down. Our managed and “remote hands” services can also help you address gaps in talent and staffing to improve response times and speed issue remediation.


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Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Migration Services
Helpdesk Services

Secure and compliant

InterVision’s Managed Security and Compliance Services can help ensure your infrastructure and applications are secure and compliant with a wide range of federal, state, and local government regulations and standards.






“We’re pleased to select [InterVision] as our cloud services partner to help with the important work of implementing a flexible, scalable, efficient and secure cloud-based services architecture. We went through a rigorous public RFP process and the [InterVision] / AWS bid was the strongest. [InterVision is] a highly qualified, progressive and skilled cloud services organization.”

Executive Director of Technology
Education Industry

Protect your institution against ransomware

Institutes of higher education are a prime target for ransomware attacks. From prevention to recovery, our Ransomware Protection as a Service solution helps prevent ransomware from having a devastating impact on your organization, staff, and students.

  • 64% were hit by ransomware in 2021
  • 40% took more than a month to recover
  • $2.73M USD in remediation costs on average


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