The Benefits of UCaaS and CCaaS for Higher Education

Educational institutions are dependent on communication and should be actively seeking the best communication tools available in order to fulfill their mission. This means adopting powerful Unified Communications solutions and modern Contact Center technologies.

There are many ways colleges and universities can benefit from incorporating a UCaaS and/or CCaaS platform into their organizations.

Benefits of a UCaaS Solution

Enhanced Learning and Productivity

A UCaaS platform keeps students and faculty better connected through a variety of channels like video calls and conferencing, direct messaging and voice calling.

UCaaS tools can better facilitate the learning experience and make the teaching staff more efficient and productive. Message boards and group chat rooms allow teachers and assistants to post vital class information and messages, eliminating the need to answer the same questions repeatedly. It can also facilitate better professional development and training for teachers through web and video conferencing tools.

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for students to be able to attend classes remotely. Video and teleconferencing tools make this easier and can help students collaborate more easily on projects or prepare for exams. A UCaaS platform also expands the campus experience and empowers more learning opportunities through virtual field trips for students.

Improved Administrative Efficiency and Scalability

Integrating a UCaaS solution improves communication among teachers and administrative staff. Staff can also make use of various applications to help them better connect with and respond to students as well as organize community-related communication.

And as a campus expands, the flexibility of a UCaaS platform allows it to scale accordingly, ensuring that communications and operations continue running smoothly.

Data Security and Safety

Data management and security is crucial to higher education institutions which cannot afford the negative effects caused by a data breach. UCaaS technology providers are continually updating their security protocols and have the systems and expertise to help protect communications and data against potential cyber assaults.

UCaaS tools can also improve the faculty’s response during a crisis or medical emergency by making it faster and easier to contact first responders, expedite emergency messages, and communicate with parents.

Benefits of a CCaaS Solution

Enhanced Student Experience

The primary function of a Contact Center is to enhance the customer experience. With that in mind, colleges and universities would benefit greatly by incorporating a CCaaS platform into their admissions and student support functions.

A CCaaS solution can enhance the overall student experience through an omni-channel communication approach that allows students to connect with administrative staff and faculty through multiple channels such as phone, video, chat, DM or email. From questions on tuition, housing, grants, career development and more, a CCaaS solution can help students negotiate the complex bureaucracy and get connected to the right staff member faster. And faster connections mean faster resolutions.

Data Analytics

The analytical tools of a CCaaS solution can also help colleges and universities recruit and retain students by identifying various market and demographic trends that may provide a competitive advantage.

CCaaS analytical tools help administrators analyze enrollment data and other factors that might be contributing to lower admissions. Business intelligence tools can also provide vital decision-making insights through every aspect of managing and growing their institution.

A competitive edge

Integrating cloud-based communication and contact center services is crucial for educators seeking to help their institutions flourish in this competitive academic landscape. InterVision has been helping educational institutions implement IT solutions for more than 25 years. Our experts can tailor a powerful UCaaS or CCaaS platform that will meet your needs now and into the future. Go to our website or call us at 844.622.5710 to learn more.


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