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InterVision offers quick and cost-transparent assistance, aid in response plan preparation, and a trusted partner for emergencies.

A new approach to IR: Keeping what’s good, adding what’s better

We developed the IR Jumpstart Retainer to provide proactive planning assistance that delivers value on day one, plus priority incident response when you need it.

1-hour IR Plan Review Session with an IR Director prior to an incident

Discounted IR hourly rates in the event of an incident

No requirement to pre-buy a bucket of hours

1-hour SLA response from an expert engineer

Traditional incident response retainers will fail you

Every minute counts in containing and mitigating the damage of a cyberattack. Having a solid incident response (IR) matters; although most retainers in the market today take the wrong approach, requiring a large block of IR hours to be purchased up-front and costing tens of thousands of dollars. Likely those pre-paid, expensive hours will expire at the end of the contract, and many do not include proactive planning.

Take your IR Retainer a step further with proactive services

In addition to the core IR retainer backstop, our team can conduct several proactive cybersecurity services to reduce your risk before an incident occurs. Rather than only reducing your risk if you don’t have an incident, we do everything we can to reduce the likelihood of it taking place at all.

As cyber threats become more frequent and more sophisticated, the most cost-effective way to reduce risk of cyber-attacks is through continuous penetration testing.

Penetration Testing as a Service powered by RedSpy365® developed to prevent breaches before they occur with a threat modeling platform that continuously maps emerging threats and calculates real financial impact in a live environment.

8 Benefits of PTaaS:

  1. Safeguard User Data
  2. Show Real-time Risk
  3. Follow Compliance
  4. Maintain User Trust
  5. Prioritize Risks
  6. Incident Response
  7. Gain Business Insights
  8. Security Awareness

Through collaborative discovery between your stakeholders and InterVision disaster recovery experts, a unique and thorough assessment unfolds as the experts take the findings, analyze them and provide recommendations on how to strategically harden your IT resiliency.

Workshop Options:

  • Full-Day Working Session – Our disaster recovery (DR) experts guide discovery with stakeholders and delve into what resiliency means to your business, relative to people, technology, operations, and business alignment.
  • Two-Week Deep Dive Analysis – Our DR experts collect findings and analyze the four areas to gain an intricate level of understanding of your current IT resiliency posture and make recommendations in each area.
  • Half-Day Review and Next Steps – Closing the loop, we present recommendations aligned with data protection and resiliency maturity to the original stakeholders to determine strategic next steps and timing.

7 Reasons Tabletop Exercises are a Must:

  1. Preparation – Allows CISO’s and other risk experts to identify flaws or gaps in the organization’s response and make adjustments.
  2. Testing – Testing response plans are done in a safe environment so organizations can effectively compare different response plans.
  3. Identify Flaws – Missing links in the chain of command lack of documentation of response plans gaps in the recovery process.
  4. ROI – Saves organizations millions in ransomware or data breach recovery expenses.
  5. Coordination – Cyberattacks can affect an entire organization or partner network. Everyone needs basic cybersecurity training.
  6. Determines Roles – Cyberattacks create chaos. Having the right plan with clearly defined roles eliminates confusion.
  7. Peace of Mind – Walk away with action plans for continued improvement of the emergency plan.

Working together to help you prepare

Through our longstanding partnership, InterVision works with the Arctic Wolf Incident Response Team. Arctic Wolf IR is an excellent choice for any organization that values quick, effective incident response, technical expertise, and outstanding service. Their reputation as a trusted leader in the industry speaks to their commitment to delivering the best possible results for their customers.

  • Innovative and Adaptable Framework – they can respond quickly to any cyber emergency, regardless of the scale
  • Breadth of Capabilities – a highly skilled and experienced team with deep technical understanding of the latest threats and attack methods
  • Exceptional Service – by working closely with customers to best understand their needs, they provide customized solutions

The combination of Arctic Wolf’s expertise and high level of service has earned them the status of a preferred partner of cyber insurance carriers, a testament to their ability to deliver top-quality incident response services that help mitigate risk and minimize damage in the event of an attack.

Knowledge is power

Our experts have compiled research and recommendations to help you better understand threats, protection, and solutions.

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