Penetration Testing as a Service

What’s your pentesting plan?

The ever-increasing threat landscape continues to plague organizations. There was an 18% increase in security vulnerabilities between 2020-2021 with the 5 most common vulnerability categories being server security misconfiguration, cross-site scripting, broken access control, sensitive data exposure, and authentication and sessions.

Remediation Rates for Critical Vulnerabilities
Biggest Challenge:
Hiring Qualified Testing Staff

Reveal risk, from the outside in.

Traditional penetration testing offers a snapshot of your security posture at a point in time—but the value of the snapshots diminishes over time. What if you could get actionable intelligence in real-time to:

  • Reduce exploitable risks with a constant feedback loop looking for errors, cracks, misconfigurations, and shadow IT.
  • Reduce mean dwell time, tightening the gap between risk identification and remediation.
  • Clarify the impact of each risk on business processes and outcomes.
  • Fix the root cause of the failure by mapping the risk to the underlying technical issues.

Move from a penetration testing snapshot to a real-time motion picture.

Trade in your point-in-time snapshot for a motion picture with real-time actionable intelligence by RedSpy365, our premier partner for penetration testing as a service. RedSpy365 identifies risk and the impact on your organization using best-of-breed security toolsets, security experts, and a unique ecosystem.

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Continuous testing delivers continuous value.

RedSpy delivers continuous testing on external, internal, web applications, and social engineering.  It helps to identify risk, and the impact of risks, mapping the risk to threat intelligence, business impact analysts, and compliance to provide better metrics and threat modeling.

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24×7 testing
RedSpy365 continuously alerts analysts to risks and vulnerabilities in real-time.

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Business risk analysis
RedSpy365 integrates with business intelligence to help you understand the impact of the risk on your business processes and provides actionable metrics.

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Integrated intelligence
RedSpy365 maps real-world, closed-source threat intelligence to your risk profile—highlighting how your environment is likely to react to emerging threats.

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Force multiplier
RedSpy365 is part of an ecosystem—tools, bots, automated workflows, and analysts—that helps even small testing teams have the impact of larger IT departments.

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On-demand reporting
Clear, intuitive, scalable portals, dashboards, and reports keep your security team up to date.

Continuous penetration testing services.

We continuously do penetration testing because it most closely mimics what the bad actors are trying to do to your network. It helps you pinpoint risks to your organization—from direct economic loss to compliance gaps—and assess and report their impact.

  • Test for risks by mimicking external threats, including faux scamming and phishing attacks.
  • Identify and assess risks, exploiting their effects on the system to show impact.
  • Report the results and explore remediation options.
The benefits of continuous penetration testing
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