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InterVision® provides IT services and solutions that help law firms leverage the latest technologies to improve efficiencies and create more effective outcomes.

60% used web-based software solutions

Is your firm behind the times?

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Bar Association, legal firms in the U.S. are far behind their peers in other industries when it comes to leveraging technology.

Modernize Your IT:

From eDiscovery to case management, law firms must modernize their IT systems and applications to ensure their data is kept secure and that they provide the service levels their clients expect. InterVision can assess your systems, identify weaknesses, and then create a comprehensive modernization strategy that fits your firm’s needs.


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Private Cloud
AWS Digital Workplaces

Foster Collaboration:

COVID-19 forced legal firms to leverage online tools for meetings and collaboration. Unfortunately, systems implemented in a hurry often have performance glitches and security flaws. We can help you build robust communications systems so you can keep helping clients and working with colleagues no matter where they’re located.


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Unified Communications as a Service

Build Resilience:

When disaster strikes, your clients count on you to be there for them. With our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery portfolio of services, we can help you implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy that decreases unplanned downtime, speeds recovery, and lowers data loss.


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Ransomware Protection as a Service® (RPaaS®)
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Consulting

Improve Access:

Whether conducting a field investigation or preparing for a case from home, access to the data and documents you need is essential. Our mobility solutions can set your team up with secure, high-availability access to the information they need while keeping prying eyes from files others aren’t authorized to see.


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Identity and Access Management

Focus on Your Business:

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about technology issues. Our broad portfolio of managed services lets you focus on serving clients while we focus on your technology.


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AWS Digital Workplaces
Managed Network Services
Managed Cloud Services
Helpdesk Services

“Our clients hold us to the highest standards of information security, data privacy and business continuity. With InterVision, there’s a real partnership that enables our success achieving that continuity, privacy and security. There’s listening that happens on both sides. With InterVision’s services we don’t have to add a lot of operational effort to enable the recovery solution.”

CIO, Bryan Cave, LLP
Connie Hoffman

Secure and compliant

InterVision’s full suite of security services can help ensure your infrastructure and applications are secure, and your client data is protected.


Protect your firm against ransomware

Thanks to the immense volume of sensitive and financial data collected, not even law firms are immune to ransomware attacks. From prevention to recovery, our Ransomware Protection as a Service solution helps prevent ransomware from having a devastating impact on your ability to serve the public.

  • 2X increase in the number of attacks in 2021 in the U.S.
  • 66% of businesses suffered at least one ransomware attack
  • 32% lost leadership roles through dismissal or resignation post-attack


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