Managed Firewall Services

How well is your firewall doing its job?

A firewall can turn into a welcome mat for bad actors if you slip up on the setup, configuration, or management. A sobering reality when every 39 seconds there is a new attack on the web, that’s 2,244 daily in case you were counting, and the vast majority of breaches are a direct result of human error.

firewall breaches resulting from configuration errors

How to prevent unauthorized network access

  • Ensure correct configuration. Install and configure your firewall design for your environment.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring. 24x7x365 observation and a direct line to carriers and vendors to address potential issues ASAP.
  • Keep your firewalls up to date. Maintain upgrades, patching, backups, and audits to cover vulnerabilities.
  • Ongoing network management. Handle troubleshooting and running point on complex change management issues.

Get better firewall performance and cost savings with managed services

Let our security experts configure, audit, and optimize your firewalls and management consoles, then monitor configuration management, maintenance, and performance 24x7x365. Managed services cost a fraction of building capacity internally, and it frees your IT pros to support IT-business innovation.

5 proactive reviews: Your long-term strategy to keep the data in and the bad guys out

Our proactive reviews are the key to keeping the data in and the bad guys out in the long term. Our firewall management services encompass 5 different reviews.

  • Identify and address overly permissive rules. Overly permissive rules can be exploited by bad actors.
  • Identify and address inadvertent access. Inadvertent access is created when a resource is decommissioned, but its associated rules are not removed from the policy that was controlling access to it.
  • Patch vulnerabilities. Known but unpatched vulnerabilities within the network can provide unauthorized or unexpected access.
  • Identify and address firewall misconfigurations. Bad actors can discover firewall misconfigurations using automated penetration scanning.
  • Identify and address shadowed rules. Shadowed rules are a gift to bad actors. Trying to find these contradictory rules is a game-changer.

Managed firewall services that have you covered

Image module

24/7/365 monitoring and incident management

Image module

Troubleshooting and root cause analysis

Image module

Critical vulnerability tracking and immediate patching

Image module

Proactive risk, performance, and security audits

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Real-time configuration backups

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Change and configuration management

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