AWS Cloud Migration

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Deliver real change, unleash potential, and create better experiences.

Save money

Reduce capital expenditure in favor of operational expenditure. Use only what you need, and don’t pay for unused capacity.

Boost productivity

By offloading basic server and infrastructure maintenance, technology teams are freed to redefine job responsibilities and focus on more strategic initiatives.

Stay agile

Faster development cycles and the ability to de-provision/re-provision position IT as a business accelerator, not a roadblock, scaling workloads in and out with user demand.

Assess. Mobilize. Migrate and Modernize.

Use a proven framework to move your workloads to the cloud with minimal upheaval and little to no downtime. The AWS Migration Acceleration Framework is battle-tested, improves your success rate, and speeds time to market. As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, we can offer you migration experience that helps guide your migration strategies, balancing both business and technical requirements.


Faster Cloud Adoption


More Likely to Overcome
Operational Concerns


More Likely to Improve
IT Staff Productivity

Compare your TCO and ROI for on-premises vs. AWS

Articulate your 5-year total cost of ownership for staying on-premises and for migrating to AWS using data from your environment, including the server, storage, and network layers of your environment. By using the AWS pricing calculator, you can explore your options and understand the costs and potential return on your investment.


The 7 deadly sins of cloud migration

Explore seven common pitfalls to avoid when planning a cloud migration, along with tips for a successful migration. You’ll learn what to do and not do, how to choose the migration type best that fits your organization, and what to do to ensure security in the cloud.


Migrate workloads large and small

The cloud isn’t one size fits all, and neither are your business opportunities and current operating environment. Mold the cloud to your needs — not the other way around—with our skilled architects and engineers.

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In-Depth Support

Build a migration strategy that accelerates value in the cloud and focuses on closing business differentiating gaps in your environment with little to no downtime. Get application modernization strategies to take advantage of cloud-native architectures.


Advice for Running Lean

Offload server management and other traditional workloads to the cloud, to stay lean even when you’re growing fast. And most importantly, finding and paying off tech debt during the migration.

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AWS Cloud Expertise

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, InterVision is accredited to help organizations successfully migrate to the cloud. We specialize in moving a wide variety of workloads, including Microsoft and other applications, and can identify opportunities to scale that were previously thought impossible.


Process Management

Every InterVision cloud migration follows the AWS Migration Acceleration Program, a set of best practices designed to ensure continuity and lay the groundwork for cost reductions.

75% faster launch of new services

The cloud is waiting for you

Sixty-one percent of businesses migrated workloads to the cloud in 2020 alone. Yes, it optimizes IT, but many experience real business value in the cloud.

Knowledge is power

Our experts have compiled research and recommendations to help you better understand threats, protection, and solutions.

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