Identity and Access Management

Enable seamless
productivity with
robust security

Seamlessly integrate user identification, access controls, and automation while ensuring comprehensive visibility and minimal end-user security fatigue.

Fuel accessibility while decreasing security risk

Identity access management (IAM) is the first layer of defense in securing your business—the network, data, and applications while delivering safe, frustration-free access to the needed tools and information for the end-user.

A holistic approach

All aspects of information security, including governance, risk, and compliance are evaluated.

Top-tier tools

Use the best tools for your environment to create the ideal solution.

A custom mix

A combination of multi-factor authentication, posture validation, and zero-trust solutions works best.

You don’t have to choose between security and productivity

You can know who is accessing what from where, at what time, from what device, and if there is an anomaly—without end-user security fatigue.

  • Integrate user identification and access across multiple clouds and onsite systems—including apps, IoT devices, and remote file sharing—to support work-from-anywhere employees.
  • Unencumber productivity with role-based single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) for seamless access to critical applications.
  • Reduce human error by automating functions like identity verification, onboarding and offboarding.
  • Control access by role, responsibility, need to know, time, data, location, and asset.
  • Retain program efficacy with ongoing lifecycle management, rather than configurations that lose effectiveness over time.

The secret IAM sauce: Achieving a security balance between the needs of the business and your people

IAM is a set of tools that enforces security policies across complex, distributed environments. The secret sauce is in achieving balance between security and human capital management in these security policy areas:

How we design, implement, and manage your IAM

  • Assess. Stakeholder interviews and tabletop exercises help us hone your approach to identity management, data classification, and policy enforcement.
  • Identify. Using market research and in-depth vendor analysis, we evaluate possible tools, ease of integration, and solutions to pinpoint your best options.
  • Refine. Proof-of-concept builds, bakeoffs, and vendor demos help us pinpoint the right technology for your needs.
  • Implement. We produce your detailed implementation plan covering execution, integration, QA, testing, documentation, training, and more.

61% data breaches involving stolen or hacked credentials

A solid IAM solution is the key to data security—and user experience

It’s about people (or things) accessing the right resources while using the devices without interference that the organization deems to be secure. This proliferation has increased the complexity and challenges of security for the enterprise.

Benefit from a comprehensive approach with maximum protection and minimum disruption.

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