How to Get Your C-Suite on Board with Continuous Penetration Testing

By Josh Hall, Senior PenTester, at InterVision Systems

Hackers are outpacing enterprises in cyber expertise, creating an uptick in successful ransomware attacks and phishing schemes across the board. Yet many C-suite leaders fail to implement preventative measures to combat these attacks.

Continuous penetration testing is one such tool used to prevent a breach. Penetration testing simulates a cyberattack to assess different exploitable vulnerabilities that lie in an enterprises current systems. Continuous penetration testing takes this tactic one step further by regularly validating an organizations cyber defenses, ensuring systems never depreciate and that evolving threats cannot break through.

Its up to IT leaders to share the cost-saving potential of penetration testing with the C-suite — however, this is often easier said than done. Lets discuss how IT managers can demonstrate to top executives that continuous penetration testing has massive organizational benefits.



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