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Engage with citizens affordably and efficiently with InterVision’s ConnectIV CX for 311, powered by Amazon Connect.

Empowering communities with advanced technologies

Municipalities face constant pressure to manage high call volumes, navigate fragmented communication channels, and meet evolving resident expectations. Discover a smarter, more efficient approach to managing 311 inquiries.

25% decrease in non-emergency calls to 911

40% reduction in call wait times

30% increase in service request resolution speed

Tailored solutions for municipalities

Gain crucial insight into community needs and streamline service delivery with our GenAI-enhanced, cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

Unlock a multitude of benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Reduce operational costs through efficient call handling, resource optimization, and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Enhanced Resident Satisfaction: Provide a more accessible, efficient, and responsive 311 service experience for citizens
  • Operational Efficiency: Scale seamlessly and streamline processes to reduce the administrative burden on city staff
  • Insightful Data-Driven Analytics: Gain real-time community insights to improve service delivery, decision-making, and strategic planning

Transforming 311 operations for the modern era

Drawing from decades of experience, we redefine 311 operations for the modern era.

Omnichannel Accessibility

Facilitate easy citizen access to 311 services through their preferred communication channels.

AI-Enabled Efficiency

Drive streamlined 311 experiences and reduce operating costs with GenAI tools for enhanced non-emergency service delivery.

Dynamic Cloud Ecosystem

Enable adaptable, growth-oriented 311 operations without significant investments or downtime

Fully Managed End-to-End

Leverage InterVision’s expertise and partnership approach to fine-tune service delivery access to 24/7 expert support.

Optimize ROI

Maximize cost-effectiveness and ROI with a flexible PAYG model and integrated AI automation for reduced operating costs.

Superior Experiences

Achieve enhanced citizen satisfaction, loyalty, and trust while optimizing agent time and resources.

Rapid Deployment for 311

Quick and easy deployment with tailored modules for 311 service needs, featuring predefined and customizable intents for common inquiries.

Seamless Integration

Integrate ConnectIV CX for 311 with existing government operations management systems for a holistic view of civic service delivery.

Innovative GenAI tools for forward-thinking cities

By harnessing cutting-edge AI/ML and data-driven strategies, we empower municipalities to revolutionize service delivery, driving exceptional experiences and community improvement. Our AI-driven features not only enhance operational efficiency but also yield tangible outcomes.

Streamline caller interactions for efficient routing, resulting in:

  • Reduced wait times for citizens
  • Quicker resolution of inquiries and requests

Empower agents with real-time information and tools, resulting in:

  • Improved agent productivity
  • Enhanced service quality

Uncover actionable insights for informed decision-making, resulting in:

  • Enhanced comprehension of citizen needs
  • Optimized resource allocation

Your path to modernized 311 services starts with InterVision

InterVision’s ConnectIV CX for 311 revolutionizes municipal services, setting new standards for cities nationwide. With extensive experience in the technology sector and powerful partnerships, InterVision is a reliable partner dedicated to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Prioritize your citizens with InterVision as we design, build, and maintain your 311 infrastructure, supported by:

  • AWS Premier Tier Services Partner
  • Comprehensive suite of products, partners, and services
  • A dedicated team of certified AWS System Engineers and Cloud Architects
  • Decades of contact center and public service experience
  • Nationwide reach with a mature, 24/7 ITIL-based operations center
  • Comprehensive support and flexible PAYG pricing models

Join the growing network of municipalities setting new standards in community service delivery. Contact InterVision today to learn more about ConnectIV CX for 311 and schedule a demo.

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Explore the cutting-edge of contact center solutions with ConnectIV CX, powered by Amazon Connect, revolutionizing engagement.

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