Public Retirement System Goes Remote During COVID-19


Public Retirement System Goes Remote During COVID-19

About the Organization

The customer is an organization that manages retirement funds for public employees across their state. Hundreds of thousands of members rely upon the organization to plan, prioritize and deliver their retirement dreams.

The Vision and Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the state’s workforce to adopt working from home in order to slow the virus spread, the organization needed assistance with setting up additional VPN accounts for security and compliance. Their employees, which predominantly conducted business in the office, had to shift to a 100% remote workforce. This shift contributed to a large amount of uncertainty among many in the organization if they could continue to accommodate members while being outside of the physical office.

The organization also needed to know if a trusted third party could take on the management of their shared IT services, should the state become overburdened. Therefore, they sought the assistance of InterVision.

The Outcome

The customer expressed their concerns with staying nimble during the evolving pandemic. They were glad that InterVision had deep concern for their business and understood how this new workforce approach would impact their operations. Their CIO said a majority of their other vendors just don’t get how transitioning from an on-site workforce to an entirely remote one would affect their business, its goals, and their ability to deliver quality customer service.

We were able to create and deploy the VPN accounts they needed quickly, so that normal business operations hardly missed a beat. While doing this, our team worked with the customer to increase the integrity of their VPN accounts by adding several additional layers of security, such as AD authentication and MFA for their SSL VPN. Having worked closely with this customer over the years, we have come to fully understand their unique needs, which allows us to be proactive with solutions. As a result of this engagement, we further strengthened our relationship with the customer and proved again that we could deliver on a wide swathe of their IT needs.

Long-Term Remote Workforce: Embracing the New Normal

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