InterVision delivered our Managed Collaboration Services, which seamlessly connected chat functionality, phone systems and web conferencing into a single unified suite.

InterVision engaged with the company to migrate their datacenters to the AWS cloud, giving them the ability to market new features and capabilities, so that self-hosted clients began seeing the value of their new model.

InterVision created and deployed the VPN accounts they needed quickly, so that normal business operations hardly missed a beat. While doing this, our team worked with the client to increase the integrity of their VPN accounts by adding several additional layers of security, such as AD authentication and MFA for their SSL VPN.

After engaging with InterVision, the client aligned upon Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to meet their company objectives for uptime following a disruption, as well as provide ongoing data protection.

InterVision worked closely with MSJC and AWS to determine the most appropriate autoscaling policies to both limit cost and ensure necessary resources were continually available. Within two days, we had completed a production environment deployment of their five initial applications on AppStream 2.0. MSJC subsequently trained more than 300 employees in the following two days, thereby allowing their staff and faculty access to the critical enterprise applications.

InterVision provisioned an AWS cloud architecture that included AWS WorkSpaces Desktop, Identity Management via Microsoft Active Directory, and AWS Transit Gateway using Palo Alto Networks firewalls for their complex networking and routing needs. In the end, most projects of this scale take approximately 3 months but COVID-19 brought the best out in both teams and our strong 24×7 collaboration, deep bench, and systemic automation allowed us to complete this project in one week.

InterVision’s team migrated their colocation virtual machines (VMs) to our IaaS platform for improved capacity and reliability, a configuration and approach that was designed overnight and completed in a day.

As a result, the firm established a successful DR testing strategy to ensure systems availability across multiple threats. They also gained the ability to meet regulatory requirements for their financial service clients and increased partner confidence in their firm’s recovery capability. With InterVision managing the full solution, the IT team was able to focus on other priorities within the firm.

To find out more about how InterVision’s machine learning and predictive analytics helped Lattice identify their customers, we reached out to the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Lattice for an interview.

By turning such complex data into simplified visualizations and actionable insights, The Shop was able better understand the “why” and “how” behind the way pilot users interacted with their product, and what they could do to improve the experience.

InterVision’s analysis revealed that “parking” was one of the most mentioned issues in the survey comments. These insights have allowed the baseball team to proactively prepare for next year’s season. The River Cats’ renewal rate in 2018 was 9% higher than in 2017, and the team attributes some of that improvement to understanding the fans a little better.

As a result of choosing InterVision, the company gained a more transparent show-back of their network utilization, which was helpful to measure the effectiveness of their streaming service and content production; cost savings through rightsizing their network and storage; reduced need to hire additional full-time IT staff; and a consolidated vendor suite for hardware and managed IT services under InterVision’s deep bench of expertise.