Healthcare Firm Increases Capacity to Mitigate COVID-19


Healthcare Firm Increases Capacity to Mitigate COVID-19

About the Organization

The customer is an organization that partners with Optometry and Ophthalmology practices to deliver business support services for eye doctors. They manage all aspects of business operations such as marketing, human resources, purchasing, IT, and other office functions, enhancing the operational capabilities of a practice to help it grow.

The Vision and Challenge

When COVID-19 pushed the American workforce to adopt “work from home” solutions, the strain on IT networks increased across the nation as employees began using home-based devices, alternate means of connectivity and video conferencing.

This shift was affecting the organization’s colocation infrastructure, so their IT team began to explore a solution that would avoid runaway costs of hitting capacity limitations. They determined that a hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution better fit their needs for flexibility, resiliency and scalability.

The Outcome

InterVision’s team migrated their colocation virtual machines (VMs) to our IaaS platform for improved capacity and reliability, a configuration and approach that was designed overnight and completed in a day.

The result allowed the organization to leverage capacity in a more flexible environment that the IT staff could spin up and down for new resources as challenges and traffic increases emerged. Not to mention, it strengthened our partnership with the customer in tackling their ongoing IT needs.
“Thank you for all of your quick thinking and action [in helping] us spin up additional server capacity. Truly appreciate the energy and urgency you and your teams brought to the situation. It’s what ‘great’ looks like in a partnership!”


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