Gaming & Apparel Company Streamlines IT Systems and Saves on Costs



About the Company

A professional Esports and gaming lifestyle organization founded in 2017, the customer has quickly become a pillar of fast-paced gaming culture, winning championships across the globe and selling apparel that fits the unique gamer lifestyle.

The Vision and Challenge

The organization opened a new business office intending to host gaming professionals and their teams, and host live content streaming. They needed a reliable content production workflow and network setup to support high-speed connectivity and rich content creation and distribution. They didn’t want to hire additional IT personnel with network expertise if they could avoid it, given their core goals were focused on professional gaming, brand building, and apparel sales, rather than running a datacenter and maintaining complex networking infrastructure.

With these challenges putting the success of their new office location at risk, they began to search for a trusted third party that could execute on their networking demands as well as handle the ongoing maintenance of their IT infrastructure.

The Outcome

In having conversations with InterVision, the company quickly came to understand our wide breadth of expertise in both on-premise and cloud-based engineering, and our deep arsenal of technology partnerships that could help them gain increased efficiencies around positioning their technical needs to scale properly. Also, our business arm focused around media & entertainment was helpful in gaining the company’s trust; not many other vendors had a keen knowledge of the gaming and esports industries.

Delving into the company’s needs we took a holistic IT architecture approach and established a dialogue around their broader requirements and opportunities for competitive growth, which ultimately uncovered whether we were a good fit for their long-term vision. In the end, they selected InterVision to assist with streamlining their video content production, entire IT architecture, and our managed IT service to assist with the testing and maintenance of their IT systems.

As a result of choosing InterVision, the company gained a more transparent show-back of their network utilization, which was helpful to measure the effectiveness of their streaming service and content production; cost savings through rightsizing their network and storage; reduced need to hire additional full-time IT staff; and a consolidated vendor suite for hardware and managed IT services under InterVision’s deep bench of expertise.

Third-Party Solutions and Applications Used Thus Far:

  • Juniper EX4300
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Palo Alto Networks firewalls
  • Dell servers
  • Iconik

The project is still ongoing, and more technologies could emerge as useful to optimize the company’s IT stance as needs evolve. Looking ahead, the customer hopes to leverage the technologies and services InterVision has provided to further their core mission of reshaping the gaming industry.

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