Deciding which target or targets are right for your DRaaS strategy can be complex. Some of the factors end up being tradeoffs, speed vs. cost.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, people were forced home, hospitals were quickly overwhelmed, and the economy dissolved into a recession. As companies are working hard to support their employees, serve their clients and survive, IT leaders are in the forefront now more than ever.

As a result of choosing InterVision, the company gained a more transparent show-back of their network utilization, which was helpful to measure the effectiveness of their streaming service and content production; cost savings through rightsizing their network and storage; reduced need to hire additional full-time IT staff; and a consolidated vendor suite for hardware and managed IT services under InterVision’s deep bench of expertise.

Aegion Corporation, a global industrial infrastructure company, needed a scalable collaboration solution to improve daily communications. InterVision’s Hosted Collaboration delivered a reliable solution for crisp voice, instant messaging and clear video – without sacrificing their current Cisco investments. InterVision’s experts relieved the burden of managing their highly customized deployment, all while reducing their overall costs.

Hosting your application within an Infrastructure as a Service provider grants you the operational agility to scale your infrastructure very quickly, but your application needs to scale with your infrastructure.

The company needed flexible, short-term compute resources to support intensive training for a global network of installation partners. By working with InterVision to access resources hosted in the public cloud and by using its own private cloud resources, the client succeeded in cutting capital expenses, reducing operational costs, increasing productivity and enhancing competitive advantage.

An application delivery networking vendor had an increased desire to accelerate deployment lifecycles and deliver more features quickly to their community site, which required the company’s development team to quickly improve the site’s manageability, scalability and lifecycle management.