Manufacturing Company Transitions to DRaaS for Greater Resiliency


Manufacturing Company Transitions to DRaaS for Greater Resiliency

About the Company

The company is a manufacturer of audiovisual equipment, solar-controlled shading systems, and gymnasium equipment. They also make projection screens and various lifts and mounts.

The Vision and Challenge

The company experienced a cyber-attack and when they tried to recover with their current backup solution, they found that it was compromised as well. This left them with little options other than rebuilding from scratch. Luckily, their IBM system (the most critical) was unaffected by the attack, which allowed them continue operations and recover. This event and the challenges of recovery, which took nearly three months to complete, in their current plan made them realize they needed to shore up their backup and recovery systems to have confidence in the event of another attack or disaster. They wanted the ability to successfully failover their IT operations within minutes to hours versus weeks to months when an event occurs, so that their business could continue as their IT team addressed the event fallout.

For this reason, they began searching for a trusted third party that could assist in upscaling their IT disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. They learned of InterVision’s expertise in this area and reached out to us. Leveraging our Recovery Assurance process, we worked with them to understand the objectives, goals, and risks. We then worked together to develop the best DR solution that fit both their need and budget.

The Outcome

After engaging with InterVision, the customer aligned upon Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to meet their company objectives for uptime following a disruption, as well as provide ongoing data protection. We designed a fully managed DR solution for their x86 production environment and engaged our partner, Absolute Performance, for their IBM production environment. The solution will allow them to perform a full datacenter failover of either both the x86 and IBM systems or just one of them. As a result, they will gain the ability to successfully test and fully recover from an event, whether it be a cyber-attack or weather-related disaster.

The customer is happy to be on the way to a strong IT resiliency plan. While their factory floor is still very much in operation, the office personnel are mostly remote—having a cohesive resiliency solution helps mitigate any gaps in both data protection and cybersecurity response.

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