InterVision’s Contact Center Services Have Transformed California’s EDD to be Faster, Smarter, and More Accessible

As businesses increasingly embrace full automation and online services, government agencies are also adapting. California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), which serves as the state’s primary source for employment-related information, claims processing, and labor market data, experienced a significant surge in digital requests during the pandemic. This highlighted the critical need for modernized contact center operations.

In response to this challenge, EDDNext was introduced as a multi-year initiative by the EDD to enhance both customer and employee experiences. This initiative aimed to modernize various aspects including contact centers, claims processing, and operational efficiency. InterVision, a trusted partner renowned for their extensive experience in transforming contact center operations, took charge of facilitating and implementing a customized solution. Leveraging their expertise in AWS cloud technologies like Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex, as well as multi-language support, InterVision worked closely with EDD to grasp their specific needs. Together, they developed a comprehensive strategy not only to manage the sudden surge in volume but also to establish a foundation for future scalability and improved customer service.

A Surge in Volume and Legacy Systems

Prior to the pandemic, EDD managed approximately 200,000 online disability insurance customers. However, this figure surged to millions virtually overnight, putting immense strain on their contact center infrastructure. As a department catering to a diverse population, EDD needed a Managed Service Provider (MSP) capable of efficiently managing customer experiences in contact centers. This included providing multi-language support and ensuring seamless interoperability with AWS.

“Lift and Shift” Strategy

InterVision’s collaborative approach led to a deeper understanding of the complexities of EDD’s legacy systems and highlighted the importance of a smooth transition. By implementing a “lift and shift” cloud strategy, InterVision seamlessly migrated existing functionalities to a new platform while preserving customer history. This minimized disruption for both customers and agency personnel.

Ron Hughes, Project Director for EDDNext, stated, “We were facing a significant challenge in handling the surge in online customers and knew we needed a modern solution.”

Hughes further emphasized the importance of collaboration, stating, “[InterVision has] done a great job of laying out a roadmap with enhancements every three to six months. We look for partners that want to be part of a team. These are large, complex projects, so we need vendors that understand the complexities of the legacy systems and the system they’re going to be replacing.”

Results: Improved Customer Experience and Reduced Call Volume

The partnership between InterVision and EDD has delivered significant outcomes:

  • Reduced call volume by 35,000 per day through the implementation of bot call solutions.
  • Enhanced accessibility with support for eight contact center languages by March 2024.
  • Incremental migration of the EDD’s four contact centers.

Future Enhancements: More Languages, Better Self-Service, and Continued Collaboration

InterVision and EDD are dedicated to ongoing improvements. Their plan includes:

  • Adding six new contact center languages by March 2024 to reach a broader audience in California.
  • Migrating other departments, such as unemployment insurance and taxes, to AWS to boost efficiency and equity.
  • Exploring GenAI to manage the increased traffic volumes experienced during the pandemic.

Hughes also expressed optimism regarding the future benefits:

“At the end of two years, our agents should be much better able to handle a call. They should be able to handle it faster. They should be able to resolve a claim quicker.”

Perspective on Streamlining California EDD Services from Jonathan Lerner, InterVision CEO

“InterVision collaborated with AWS and EDD to revolutionize the contact center, prioritizing consistent communication and high-quality service delivery for the citizens of California. Through this partnership, EDD’s modernized contact center experience empowers them to better serve their constituents with enhanced accessibility and efficiency.”

– Jonathan Lerner, CEO of InterVision

A Model for Modernization

EDDNext stands tall as a model for successful government agency modernization. Through collaboration, innovative solutions, and a focus on customer experience, InterVision and EDD have addressed immediate challenges and set a precedent for the future of public services in California.

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