Cloud Platforms

Afraid of moving your business applications to the cloud? Don’t risk being left behind.

By 2025, Gartner estimates that 95%+ of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud platforms, and 85% of businesses won’t be able to fully execute their digital strategies without the proper cloud architecture and technology.

new digital workload on cloud platforms
lack proper cloud architecture and technology

Technology uninhibited means applications with no limits

Reimagine your application landscape with a cloud platform that allows organizations to continuously innovate and create

  • Cloud-native applications
  • Test and build applications
  • Store, backup, and recovery data
  • Analyze data
  • Stream video and audio
  • Embed intelligence into operations
  • Deliver software on-demand on a global scale

“InterVision’s suite of application services helped us realize business outcomes which literally saved us! They modernized our application and data platforms which helped us focus on our clients and not our technical debt.”


-Director, Minecraft

Cloud platform partners

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Our cloud platform service suite

Moving your applications to the cloud is a fundamental shift that affects the entire organization. It impacts culture, processes, and architecture. The ability to work across different cloud stacks or to create cloud-agnostic apps ensures you’re not limited to any one cloud platform. Learn more about how our services and expertise can help.

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Platform Modernization

Update infrastructure and architecture of existing platforms to current standards.

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Application Migration

Move software applications from one computing environment to another, on-premises or in the cloud.

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Native Cloud Development

Build and run apps anywhere via containerization, microservices, and automation.

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Low Code | No Code Solutions

No-code platforms allow you to build more applications in less time across platforms.

Platform modernization

Sometimes called legacy modernization or legacy application modernization, platform modernization is the process of updating the infrastructure, architecture, and features of existing platforms to bring them up to current standards, as well as to set the stage for rapid digital product development. There are six approaches to platform modernization.

Six approaches to platform modernization

1. Rehosting. Sometimes called “lift and shift,” legacy or on-premises solutions are moved to a cloud-based environment.

2. Refactoring. The application code is retooled and optimized, an ideal approach for migrating to microservices or simplifying complex apps into parts.

3. Replatforming. This approach blends lift and shift with refactoring to convert legacy applications to operate on the cloud.

4. Repurchasing. Modernizing obsolete legacy software is not always the best option. Sometimes, the better solution is to choose a new digital product

5. Retiring. in the process of platform modernization development, we often find processes that are unnecessary, and the same is true for tech. If your company doesn’t need it, we eliminate it.

6. Retaining When the cost-benefit of modernizing specific applications isn’t quite there yet, we recommend retaining the solution until it’s a priority.


Application migration advice from the pros

Application migration is the process of moving software applications from one computing environment to another. This can include migrating applications from one data center to another, from a public to a private cloud, or from a company’s on-premises server to a cloud provider’s environment.

Before initiating a migration project, consider these recommendations:

  • Keep the business goals and end-state objectives clear to everyone involved to stay motivated and focused.
  • Minimize risk by practicing migrations on test apps within test environments.
  • Start small and execute a pilot migration with one application or group of non-critical apps to gain confidence, identify issues, and show results.
  • Use outside experts and third-party tools to supplement in-house capabilities to avoid costly migration errors that can cause data loss.

Native cloud development

Native cloud applications deliver faster time to market, higher scalability, simpler management, and reduce cost through containerization, microservices, automation and DevOps practices. InterVision® supports the journey to native cloud with reference architectures, tools and accelerators, virtual delivery models, and industry solutions supporting multi cloud. environments. 

Low-code and no-code solutions

Low-code and no-code solutions are modular approaches to application development, eliminating the requirement to write code line-by-line. Business analysts, office administrators, small-business owners, and anyone who is not a software developer can build and test applications with little to no knowledge of programming languages, machine code, or the development work behind the platform’s configurable components.

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Higher productivity

No-code platforms allow you to build more applications in less time. You can build an app within days or maybe even hours.

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Reduced costs

Reduce the costs of hiring developers and using multiple development tools.

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Business agility

Work across multiple platforms and devices, accessing and using data efficiently regardless of time or place.

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Effective governance

Low-code platforms can help you meet and comply with regulations, even those that change frequently.

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  • On-premises, to the edge, and to the cloud, we play in all ecosystems with a cross-disciplinary approach.
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