Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Assess & detect to protect
Find and Eliminate Threats

It’s important to know when your business is at risk. That’s why InterVision is committed to establishing continuous monitoring with our security service, Managed Vulnerability Scanning, to help define, identify and classify security risks. It’s a cloud-based, recurring diagnostic scan that assesses internal and internet-facing servers, workstations and network-attached devices for threats and weaknesses. When each scan is concluded, we compile a report for recommended patches, bug fixes, configuration changes, and other remediation actions.

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Establish a Secure Foundation

Our service is the only managed vulnerability scanner solution with an integrated password vault for better credential security to provide authenticated scans. It performs assessments at scheduled intervals with automated ticketing to provide tracking and auditing back to the Security Operations Center (SOC). It also prioritizes improvements and quickly eliminates security holes that hackers may exploit while also meeting requirements within compliance audits.

Our service leverages best-of-breed vulnerability scanning technology that is constantly updated to ensure that even the latest well-known exploits are included in the system examination process. The service offers you the flexibility to search for and identify vulnerabilities that may exist in both your internet-accessible as well as internally-facing hosts and web applications.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your IT environment
  • Minimize your attack surface
  • Ensure that security compliance requirements are met
  • Gain prescriptive recommendations to mediate and reduce risk
  • Determine and document the scope of systems to test (IP selection) and web apps to test (URL selection)
  • Parse and organize results data by threat type
  • Validate and reproduce significant findings
  • Develop prioritized recommendations
Protect Your Business with InterVision

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