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Date: Wednesday, May 22 

Time: 2 pm EST 

Speaker: Adam Scamihorn, Cloud Product Director, InterVision 

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Agenda Highlights: 

  • Drivers for Adopting Multi-Cloud: From digital transformation to regulatory compliance 
  • Benefits of a Well-Configured Multi-Cloud: Enhanced resilience, flexibility, and avoidance of vendor lock-in 
  • Complexities of Multi-Cloud Management: Tackling integration challenges, data governance, and security policies 
  • Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Success: Leveraging managed services for optimal operations 
  • Real-World Use Cases: Discover how sectors like retail, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing are revolutionizing their operations with multi-cloud 


About the Speaker
Adam Scamihorn, Cloud Product Director, InterVision 

Bringing a decade of expertise as a leading figure in technology, Adam is known for his mastery of cloud technology, driving innovation and strategic growth. His rich background encompasses refining cloud architecture for enhanced scalability and operational effectiveness. 

  • Expert in cloud infrastructure and multi-cloud strategies 
  • Proven leader in technology innovation and digital transformation 
  • Advocate for empowering businesses through advanced technological solutions 

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