Registrar Corp Boosted Efficiency and Security with InterVision

Registrar Corp, a leading compliance solutions provider, encountered significant IT challenges during rapid growth. As their data storage, email system, and access controls struggled to keep pace with expanding demands, Registrar Corp recognized the need for a strategic upgrade to ensure operational efficiency and enhance security.

Addressing Critical Components for Lasting Impact

InterVision emerged as the trusted partner, collaborating closely with Registrar Corp to identify and address areas for improvement. Recognizing the critical need for secure and efficient IT systems, InterVision implemented a solution-oriented approach tailored to Registrar Corp’s specific needs, leveraging AWS cloud solutions.

Key Solutions Implemented by InterVision:

  • Reliable & Secure Data Storage: Migration to a secure AWS cloud platform ensured Registrar Corp’s data security and accessibility while eliminating performance issues
  • Modernized Email System: Upgraded to Microsoft 365 for robust security features, including spam filtering, encryption, and mobile access
  • Enhanced Security with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Implementation of strict access controls reduced security risks by limiting access to authorized personnel

Unlocking Value Through Strategic Transformation

Registrar Corp benefited from tailored solutions addressing essential aspects crucial for long-term success. These measures significantly improved operational efficiency and strengthened Registrar Corp’s overall security posture. The collaboration between Registrar Corp and InterVision showcased the power of expertise and partnership, enabling Registrar Corp to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Outcomes of the Collaboration:

  • 50% Reduction in IT Spending: Freed up resources for strategic investments.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined operations allowed the IT team to focus on strategic initiatives and reduce reactive troubleshooting
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Robust data protection and access controls increased client trust and industry compliance
  • Faster M&A Integration: Secure and seamless data transfer facilitated quicker integration during acquisitions
  • Proactive Management: 24/7 support and proactive alerts minimized downtime and its impact on daily operations

Philip Edge, CTO of Registrar Corp, emphasized the value of collaboration:

“They welcomed me with open arms… and provided me the growth path. This is a true partnership, not just a vendor-client relationship.”

Empowering Impact: Unlocking Transformation with InterVision

In conclusion, the collaboration between Registrar Corp and InterVision has yielded remarkable outcomes, demonstrating the transformative impact of expertise and collaborative partnership. With a focus on tailored solutions and strategic guidance, InterVision’s support has significantly enhanced Registrar Corp’s operational efficiency and security posture. As evidenced by a 50% reduction in IT spending, streamlined operations, enhanced security measures, and proactive management solutions, the partnership has delivered tangible results that underscore the value of collaborative excellence. Contact InterVision today to embark on your own journey of strategic transformation.

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