What it Means to be Cloud First


Status Go Podcast: Episode 39

” Technology should enable your business and technology is constantly and relentlessly changing.” – John Gray

Status Go Podcast: Episode 39

” The investment in data centers; the capital investment and all the hardware is enormous.  So, that’s, I think, what is driving a lot of this is the sheer economics and the ability to switch from big capital outlays to more smaller, consistent op ex outlays.” – John Gray

Status Go Podcast: Episode 39

” Cloud First has definitely been misused and probably somewhat over-hyped.  The misuse of it is around people thinking of it as cloud only.” – John Gray

Episode 39: What it Means to be Cloud First

Cloud-First is one of the many overused and over-hyped phrases in the tech industry.  But what does it mean…what does it really mean?  Furthermore, how does this concept translate to your business or department?  As we know, every organization has different needs, different challenges and is at a different stage of their cloud journey.  Listen now as our guest on this episode, John Gray, CTO at InterVision, and Co-Founder of Infiniti (which, InterVision acquired in September 2018) joins Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, in breaking down the term Cloud First: what it really means, what the hype is all about, when it is right for your business and when it is not.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:34 John’s background

4:48 Defining Cloud

6:34 Hosted, multi-tenant and Private Cloud

8:19 Consideration for the relentless speed at which cloud technology is changing

9:40 Defining Cloud First strategy

11:26How does SaaS fit into a Cloud First strategy?

14:02 Misuse of the term Cloud First

16:33 Signs you are ready for a Cloud First approach

18:19 Repatriation of cloud workloads

21:16 Action items

John Gray, CTO at InterVision has spent over 25 years in IT innovation, software engineering, and business leadership.  Over 10 years ago he started Infiniti Consulting, an IT consulting and system integration company that grew rapidly and became a leader in cloud adoption.  John’s focus is on the smart application of technology to drive positive business outcomes.  He is recognized as a thought leader in cloud technology and overall IT architecture.

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